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Cristina is reading and eating cereal out of the box when Owen gets home and asks how she did today. In what was actually a nice subtle nod to the fact that she's still recovering, she snarks that she made a student screw her over but then genuinely tells him that she did pretty well. She then offers him some cereal for dinner, and they snuggle. Aw, I missed these two and this warms my heart.

Upstairs, Meredith tells Derek that she took ten tests that day, and all turned out negative. They banter about it but she's obviously seriously bummed and Derek tries to tell her that it can take time to get pregnant. She's not really receptive to that since some people (ahem) do it on the first try. What's really troubling her is that she spent all day peeing on sticks rather than teaching her student so she got her butt kicked in the Chief Resident race and also failed at both being a teacher and making a baby. Derek won't let her wallow, though, and just tells her practice makes perfect before he starts kissing her to get down to said practice.

Callie gets in the elevator to go home and Arizona races in behind her before the doors close and before Callie can really realize what's happening. Arizona then declares without preamble, "I bail." She then supposes that maybe it's because she was an Army brat who moved all the time (She's technically a Marine brat, but who's counting?) that she never learned to commit but she's here now and going to fight to make sure Callie knows she is committed. She also reminds Callie that both of them aren't perfect and if they are talking faults, Callie is unable to forgive. Oh my goodness, the shock! Callie was just dealing with a patient and learned a lesson about forgiveness! How uncanny! Arizona says that Callie will have to forgive her and that it might as well be now since she knows they love each other and she just wants one more chance. Mere starts up her voiceover, which amounts to how it's never actually easier to start over. Here to illustrate that is Callie, who decides it's time to drop her bomb. After she gets Arizona to agree that she really wants to start over with a clean slate, she announces that today she found out she's pregnant with Mark's baby. The elevator doors open as Callie asks, "How about now?" and then they close with neither of the women moving an inch. I weirdly don't hate this turn of events, but do wish there hadn't been such obvious hints dropped during the hour and that it had been a bit more of a shocking surprise. But beggars can't be choosers, and if we can at least move on to a different story than, "Callie is perfect and Arizona is the only one at fault," I'll totally take it.

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