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Richard then assigns each of them a student who is going to shadow them for the day. Cristina is totally unexcited to get a guy named Fred, Meredith's student is named Kira, April gets Hudson, and then Lexie calls forward a super hot girl named Laurel. Both Alex and Avery are dying to get her but Alex wins that lottery and Avery gets a dude named Edward, who wants to shake his hand and be friends but Avery isn't interested. Richard tells Cristina that she's going to be on his service so that he can monitor her progress, and she's sure he'll be pleased. He then loudly mentions that he's picking the new Chief Resident in a few months and none of our residents are happy to realize he's been watching and evaluating them for the position since their first days at the hospital. None of them have exactly been on their best behavior this whole time.

The first stop Meredith makes is the bathroom, and when she gets out she tells Kira that they will be working with Derek, who happens to be both her husband and a surgical genius. Kira is relieved and somewhat tactlessly tells Meredith she's glad to realize Meredith isn't one of those doctors just obsessed with her job and cold and dead inside. Mere already wasn't excited to have a med student following her but now is even less amused by the whole exercise.

On their way to see Henry, Fred goes over the chart and Cristina basically mocks him for it before informing that as a med student, he should be seen but not heard. They're joined by Richard and Bailey, and the group heads in to meet Henry. When Bailey introduces herself, Henry says he already feels like he knows her since Eli told him all about her, and Bailey loses her cool for just a moment at the idea, since she had no idea Eli was even on the case. He smarms that he didn't tell Henry everything, and I have to say that he's hot and awesome, but something about him also screams "trouble." We'll have to see how this all plays out.

Richard is confused at what is happening because apparently he was born yesterday, but Bailey's able to brush it off and bring the focus back around to their patient. Henry asks who Fred is and Cristina brushes him off, assuring him that Fred is "nobody." Richard isn't impressed, and neither is Fred. Cristina answers that she brought him up to speed on the case but as we all know that's just because he read the chart himself. Richard then explains that Henry previously was denied this surgery because he didn't have insurance, and Henry jumps in and explains that he got married and therefore is now insured. Richard naturally assumes that Henry's girlfriend said yes but we all know that's not the case and of course Teddy conveniently walks in at that moment to give Henry some paperwork. After she leaves, Henry tells them that she is his wife, and the jaws of all of the Seattle Grace regulars drop simultaneously.

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