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Callie goes out to meet the ambulance and when Owen says her name by way of greeting, she practically bites his head off. Avery and Edward walk out and Avery starts to say hello but Owen warns him off of that for his own sake. The patient that arrives is a 30-something named Brady who has crush injuries after being trampled by horses. Another man, Kyle, wearing a tuxedo jacket and a kilt, climbs out of the ambulance and begs the doctors not to let Brady die on their wedding day. Apparently they were signing their domestic partnership papers, and they had a horse drawn carriage and bagpipers there to honor Brady's Scottish heritage. Unfortunately, the bagpipes spooked the horses and they ran right over Brady. Kyle is in a totally freaked-out frenzy and keeps apologizing, while Brady just moans about getting run over. Avery and Callie shove Edward out of the way and Callie tries to get Kyle to leave so she can do her work but Kyle is adamant that he has a right to stay there. Finally, fed up with all the people and with her fuse extra-short, Callie yells at everyone to get out.

Richard tracks down Teddy so that he can tell her just how insane he thinks her marriage is, and how it's also insurance fraud. Lexie is there to explain to him (and honestly, to all of the viewing audience because I thought it was fraud and know plenty of others did too) that it's not actually considered fraud; it's just something that is frowned upon. When he calls it unethical, Lexie pipes up again to say that the medical community is split on that issue because is it more unethical to deny care to someone or to marry them so that they can have that care? That's actually a rather interesting question, and I'm glad for Lexie's little contribution to this scene to explain all of it. Richard isn't so glad and wants her to go away, but she's on Teddy's service for the day. Richard yells at Teddy that you're supposed to marry someone you love and after Teddy does a horrible job trying to convince him that she does love Henry and finally points out that either way, it's done and he has insurance, Richard storms away. Lexie tells Teddy that for what it's worth, she thinks what Teddy did was awesome. Teddy seems to be grateful for the support but not terribly moved by being backed up by a resident.

Conveniently, Arizona and Mark are on a case together and as they walk to meet their patient, Arizona tells him she understands that Callie has a hangup about Arizona being perfect and everything coming easy to her, so now that she's made a mistake she intends to pound the crap out of Arizona for it. Writers, why do you try so hard to make me dislike Arizona? Who on earth even says all that with a straight face? I didn't think it would be Arizona until right now. Mark laughs and asks her if she really thinks she's perfect, and Arizona denies it, pointing out she's a competitive workaholic who smokes when she's stressed. Mark thinks these aren't true faults for which she's sorry, but thank goodness they are working together so that the two can figure out what's really wrong with her. Lord knows it's not just that she and her girlfriend had a big fight like billions of couples before them where both parties could have been more understanding of each other.

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