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Alex, Laurel, April and Hudson are trailing behind and Laurel asks Alex if he was really the guy on Seattle Med who made a trachea. Alex tries to act humble but it's not really his forte, and the two flirt away about regenerative medicine while April makes a disgusted fact. She finally admonishes Alex that he is Laurel's teacher, but Alex smarms back that it's only for one day.

Their patient is a teenage girl named Sarah who was born without cheekbones. This means she's extra vulnerable to eye injuries and so the would-be athlete has never been allowed to play sports, but she's cheerful enough and obviously has learned how to cope with her situation. At one point during the introduction Alex actually has April move so that Laurel can see better, much to April's disgust. Arizona explains that they're going to use pieces of her skull to create cheekbones for her. Laurel is excited and asks if she can try out for volleyball in a couple of months, but she's greeted with awkward adult silence that means no way.

Teddy runs into Henry's room to give him some paperwork and announce that he's officially now insured. He graciously offers her a fruit cup as thanks and she decides to sit down and try it -- a move she regrets once she actually tastes it. It's a cute moment to add to the pile of cute moments that have already transpired between these two. She then wishes him good luck with his surgery and heads out.

When Mark, Arizona, and their entourage leave Sarah's room Mark tells Arizona that doing the skull surgery is going to add a year to her healing time, and he'd rather try a stem cell cadaver bone graft. Arizona thinks it's too experimental to try, especially on someone as young as Sarah, and basically shuts down Mark when he tries to argue the point.

Brady is having his scan and Meredith comes out to tell Avery, Edward and Kira what's going on, which is something something something we know is bad since her tone is so concerned. Edward asks what that means and she explains for the common folk that one joint in his neck was knocked out of place, which means he's got a broken back. Kira seemed not to be listening so much as ogling Derek and tells Meredith she thinks she hit the jackpot with that one. Meredith is not charmed by this as it seems Kira thinks she would be, but Kira doesn't seem to notice that.

Inside, Callie, Derek and Owen look at the scans and lament what a sucky wedding day this turned out to be for poor Brady. Edward managed to shuffle into the doorway and quips that if you want to piss of God, just tell him your plans, and when Avery realizes that his charge got in there he yells at him to get out. By the way, Edward, I think that's supposed to make God laugh, not make Him angry. He doesn't seem like the brightest bulb, but seems cheerful enough and very interested in learning, and I feel a little sorry for him getting saddled with cranky Avery.

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