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Arizona responds to a page and walks into an ambush presentation prepared by Mark and the motley crew of residents and medical students. They immediately begin pointing out the pros and cons of using skull bone versus cadaver bone, but Arizona cuts them off and orders the lights turned back on. She claims to know all about what the research says but Mark has Hudson come over and turns the poor guy around so that he can draw on his cute med student skull and illustrate his argument. Arizona isn't impressed and just holds firm that the procedure is too experimental and they're going with the skull bone surgery as planned. In retaliation, Mark tells her that she can add "crappy listener" to her list of faults. She's pretty upset at the charge but it doesn't change her mind.

Richard goes and finds Teddy to get her opinion and only stokes his own fire of rage by calling her "Mrs. Burton," to which of course she doesn't respond until he clarifies that he's looking for Mrs. Henry Burton. Bailey's less troubled by all of this than Richard and just watches, amused, as the conversation unfolds. It sounds like Richard is bent out of shape that his judgment is being questioned, but Teddy tries to soothe him by looking at the scans and telling him she agrees with his recommendation. He leaves, but comes back for a moment to yell one more time that this is an inappropriate relationship. Teddy counters by pointing out (quite rightly) that this hospital is awash in inappropriate relationships and as she ticks them all off, Eli walks by and adds that Dr. Bailey is dating a nurse. Bailey screeches at them to ignore him, thereby of course proving that she IS dating a nurse, but they are all so caught up in their own drama that they don't seem to really notice.

It's lunchtime, and most of the gang has managed to ditch their students for the time being. Mere complains about repeatedly peeing on a stick and Cristina points out that's going to be nothing to actually raising a "poo-covered" baby. Meredith wonders why her baby is going to be covered in poo but mercifully they are interrupted by the arrival of Lexie, Avery and April. They look over and see Alex holding a banana on which he's teaching Laurel how to do sutures -- and it's not obvious or suggestive AT ALL. Avery's just green with envy that Alex got the hot girl and is even more distressed when he realizes she's wearing a thong... since it's hanging out of the back of her pants, much to the amusement of the women. They knock all of the students for being boy crazy, oblivious, and slutty and somehow don't see the pot/kettleness of their arguments. But Lexie does realize that they all sound really, really old. Oh, sister, I've been there. Wait until you're declining plans so that you can stay home and gather all of your tax paperwork in anticipation of meeting with your CPA. Sigh.

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