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Richard observes Cristina, who is totally back on her game, and compliments her work. She decides to take the moment to prove she's a good teacher and asks Fred if he wants to observe but when he steps up and sees the tumor, she realizes he's about to pass out. Richard calmly calls for people to catch him and they do, and it's all rather hilariously handled like clockwork. She apologizes but Richard doesn't mind since it makes him sentimental about his own days as a student, and he pointedly says that it reminds him where he started and teaches humility, which is good for a Chief Resident. Bailey adds that it's one of her own best qualities, and it's a testament to everyone in the room that they manage to keep a straight face at the remark. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking it -- Bailey kicks all kinds of ass -- but humility might not be what I call her greatest quality.) Richard also can't help but add that it's also funny when they fall down. But the levity comes to a stop when Cristina calls his attention to something in Henry's innards, using her Bad News voice.

Callie is done with her surgery and she finds Kyle in the waiting room and assures him that Brady is fine, though his recovery will be slow and painful. Kyle is totally relieved that he's okay but also sad because this was supposed to be their perfect day. He then sits down to give the week's heartwrenching speech, in which he explains that Seattle doesn't allow gay marriage, only domestic partnerships, even though Kyle fought mightily to change the law. Finally, he was tired of waiting to get married but he still wanted to make this a big day like everyone else gets, rather than just a day spent in line at city hall filing papers. A very emotional Callie tears up as he goes on to say that Brady is the best thing that ever happened to him, and a close-up shot of her face tells us that she's really understanding and connecting with him and his story. Kyle is still devastated that when he tried to make the day special he wound up almost killing his beloved, but Callie assures him that things don't go the way you want them to, ever. I wonder what on earth she could mean? Something to do with her both sobbing and laughing in the bathroom that morning? Something that would make her extra emotional and edgy? Something that would relate to how her sobbing seemed to be tied to the scene with Meredith reading her negative pregnancy test? It's all so vague, I just can't possibly imagine.

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