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Having worked her wise magic with Derek, Bailey heads in to talk to Richard, who is still sitting in the dark conference room. He tries to send her away by saying he doesn't want her to see him like this, but she points out that everyone has already seen him like this given that he's been sitting in front of a bunch of windows all day. Well, that last part was unspoken. She says that while she doesn't know the details, he can't sit there anymore, and he finally admits that he doesn't want to give Derek and Jennings the satisfaction of signing the paperwork because it means they were right. Well, he'd only be giving one or the other real satisfaction as each of them wants something different, but I get the gist. When Bailey asks what they would be right about, he says coyly that they want him to admit he's an alcoholic. Bailey is shocked but manages to control herself and asks if he is; he admits yes. He admits that if he signs the rehab papers he'll have to stop drinking and he's not sure he's ready for that yet, since it feels like all he has left. That degenerated into a full-fledged self-pity party of one extremely quickly, and Bailey isn't going to let him get away with it. She tells him that he's better than this and the way to win is to stop fighting them, get better, and come back and be the Chief, the one that she knows. She's almost pleading as she repeats, "Be the Chief!" But while he doesn't say anything, he looks at her, and she's the first one all day who has gotten him to do at least that.

Arizona is laying into Alex, letting him know that he can't get emotional if he's going to work in peds; she's emotional right now but I guess she specifically means with the patients and their families. He points out that she told him it was part of the job, and she corrects that there is a difference between "advocating for tiny humans" and berating their terrified parents. I will always love how she thinks of kids as tiny people and not just stupid kids. She assures him that he's great with kids, and has great skills and is an amazing advocate but that until he's been a parent he can't judge parents. For a moment she got so passionate I wondered if we were going to have a second secret baby backstory, but I think after watching it again that she's probably just telling him what she herself knows regarding the job. He tells her that he's clear on all this and she orders him to go and apologize, and turns away. After a second though, she turns back and plays good cop, asking how it felt to save a life. He grins and tells her that it felt good, and she happily has him admit that peds is, in fact, hardcore. She then welcomes him to peds and rolls away on her wheelie shoes.

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