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There are more residents in the locker room at the same time than we've ever seen before, as if suddenly this is a job with set hours or something. But it makes it all very convenient for Derek, who walks in and clears his throat to offer his first apology of the night. He admits that he thinks they got off on the wrong foot, and even if they don't trust him yet he trusts them, so he wanted to apologize.

Next on his list is Leslie, and he walks in to her room and sits down on the bed. I wish he'd use a chair -- given my own surgical experience, I was far too sore to have someone jostling my bed a few hours afterward -- but at least he's doing something.

His closing voiceover is now the apologetic speech he is giving to the residents. "I want to clear some things up." Back in his office, his next apologies are to Megan and April, and he offers them both their jobs back. He explains that there will be more cuts but that they both deserve a second chance, and both are thrilled and thankful. In the case of Megan, it's a smooth move to get rid of yet another lawsuit as last we heard she was suing.

"I am neither pro- nor anti- merger. From this point on, everyone has a clean slate." At that, Mark gets into the elevator before he realizes that the only person there is an incredibly startled Lexie. He makes a really slow attempt to get out of the elevator, and it was I think unfortunate timing on Eric Dane's part as he made the attempt to leave too early, so the doors were still totally open and he could have just walked out easily if he wanted to. But this calls for them to get stuck there together. Lexie looks at the numbers as the elevator moves and begins to crumble, but keeps her hair covering enough of her cheek that Mark can't tell until the doors open, and with half a sob she rushes out as he seems to finally grow up a bit and makes a move towards her retreating figure. Derek VO's, "I am not focused on the past." See? Because Mark totally is? Ah, so deep. Fortunately, Mark finally has the good grace to look ashamed.

Cristina gets home and finds Hunt wringing his hands in her apartment. She's still incredibly pissed, and goes straight to the fridge to pour herself a beer as he tells her that he's trying to understand her. Cristina counters that he's trying to screw her into submission, which he denies, but she says that it's true and that she let him because it was really good sex and his ego was bruised. He replies that he's just trying to understand, know, and love her but that he doesn't know how because she doesn't give him anything. Uh oh, wrong approach -- she yells at him about her burn, which is like a brand. He finally yells that he's trying, and repeats that she doesn't give him anything to which she growls angrily that she gives him everything. What this really comes down to is Burke, and she's stunned to hear him ask about her former fiancée. She tries to shut him down but he persists insisting that with everything that he's done he's just trying to connect to her, and that she has to give him a little something. This goes back and forth some more, and she tries to convince him that Burke is irrelevant to the conversation, but he's not buying it, and after he pleads with her to let him love her, she gives the tiniest of bits.

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