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After thinking a moment, she tells him that Burke took something from her -- little pieces over time, that were so small she didn't notice until one day she had made herself into something she wasn't. She admits that she was lying for him, jeopardized her career, and then agreed to be married and then found herself, "in a wedding dress with no eyebrows," and she wasn't herself anymore. She's breaking down, and Sandra Oh just knocks this out of the park, finally facing and reliving the Burke stuff that all felt sort of shoved under the carpet after Isaiah Washington left the show. Tearfully she admits that even then she would have married Burke, and it's unspoken that he was the one to stop the wedding. She admits haltingly that after losing herself like that and then finally getting back to being herself again, she can't do it again. She admits that she loves him even more than she did Burke, but that when he asked her to ignore the page he took a little piece of her and she let him. With horrible resolve she promises, "And that will never happen again." She finally totally crumbles, but Hunt stands there and holds her hand while she cries, and for the millionth time I'll exclaim over how these two seem to want to actually work through problems and be a functional couple and I absolutely love them together. Fine, I also love that he's searingly hot.

Derek tells the group, "I am looking to the future," while Mark seems to be realizing that he might have helped screw up his own future. He's in bed staring at the ceiling while next to him, Callie asks if he feels better. She then lays down and we see that Arizona is on the other side of her, incredibly skeptical of this whole situation. She tells Callie that this isn't going to work for her, but Callie takes her hand while Mark just stares up, morosely.

Having completed his Apology Parade, Derek is working in his office while Meredith reads a magazine in one of his chairs. Richard walks in and Derek does a double take, then watches as Richard walks towards him and hands him the signed rehab papers. Derek thanks him and then, as Richard walks out, calls after him, "I'm sorry." Richard pauses in the doorway and gives an infinitesimal nod of recognition before leaving. Phew -- I'm just relieved to not listen to these two fight like little schoolgirls anymore. Derek finishes up his speech: "To all the promise this hospital has to offer. I plan to honor Richard Webber and his legacy, not undo it. Which is why I'm both humbled and honored to be your new Chief of Surgery." Derek then looks at Meredith and she gives him a bit of a smile; he then leans back, shoots his mini basketball and makes a self-satisfied score. Seriously? That was obvious. Good grief.

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