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Until one day you leave the classroom and step into the OR." That's where Bailey is, working with Mere to remove a woman's tumor while the new anesthesiologist reads a magazine. Bailey is happy that they're nearly done and might be able to catch the end of Shepherd's speech. She's sautering something in or around the patient's intestines when alarms go off. Derek: "You're surrounded by others, a team of others, a team you have to rely on. Whether you trust them or not." Neither the surgeon nor the anesthesiologist can figure out what's happening, and Bailey is digging through the intestines looking for a bleeder or other familiar problem. She demands an explanation from the anesthesiologist and then stops and demands to know if she just felt movement. She and Mere stand with their hands in the air and then Mere looks at the patient and says very calmly but quickly that the patient is awake. The woman on the table is shivering and looking around at everyone, clearly in a panic. Bailey yells at the anesthesiologist (the internet tells me that his name is Ben Warren, so I just need to start calling him such now because "anesthesiologist" is far too long to keep typing) (Dr. Hot Anesthesiologist would have worked too, because he is, but again see the length issue) wondering what he did and orders him to get the woman back to sleep. Mere, meanwhile, just tries to calmly assure the woman that she's going to be okay, and just to breathe.

Hunt walks up to Teddy, who is in the crowd of people waiting for Derek's speech, but when she starts to talk about what happened the other night he shuts her down and walks away. When Derek appears in front of them, most seem to agree that he looks ridiculous in the shirt and tie. Arizona tells them that she promised Derek they would clap, but Cristina and Hunt aren't so sure about that. Mark looks up, clearly still acting like a petulant child, and when he sees Lexie looking at him gives glares at her angrily.

Derek doesn't look entirely confident as he shuffles notecards nervously in his hands. He then tells the gathered crowd that he'll make it quick, he has been appointed interim chief and he knows that things have been rocky and mistakes have been made, but he's going to right the wrongs and return Seattle Grace to its former glory. It all sounds a little ambitious, and everyone seems a bit skeptical. Well, Alex thinks that righting the wrongs means firing the Mercy Westers, and Reed seems nervous that he's right, but everyone else is focused on Derek himself, including Richard, who came in with Jennings and heard the last comments on his former domain. Derek falters when he sees him and quickly thanks everyone in advance for their support. Arizona claps for him and the others awkwardly join in, while Richard slumps and walks away.

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