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Alex and Arizona are looking at the scan and no matter how hard they look, they can't find anything wrong with Brad. Alex is baffled and argues that no matter how lame a kid is, he doesn't want to miss class to go to the hospital. Look, I loved school but if I had a chance to miss it during the day and if I wasn't having anything horrible done at the doctor, I was always excited for it. So, actually, was Arizona, who happily tells him about how much she loved the hospital until she catches his look and has him go back over the symptoms. After a bit, Alex thinks that maybe he has crazy stomachsymptomenia, which would fit all the symptoms and nothing showing up on the scans. The problem is that the only way to diagnose it is with exploratory surgery, and Arizona reminds Alex that if Brad's dad had a fit about a CT, he won't go for that.

Hunt has snuck away down to his and Cristina's private vent, and when a downcast Cristina walks in fretting about Teddy blackballing her, Owen grabs her up in a crazy hot, rough kiss. She gets into it, and they agree not to talk about Teddy and instead begin ripping off one another's clothes.

Richard is sitting alone in the conference room, right where they left him, staring at the papers. Derek watches through a window while a ways down the hall, a bunch of the residents are also staring and speculating about what might have happened. Charles pops back into our lives long enough to spread a drug rumor, and Derek finally shoos them away. He then walks in and actually tries to order Richard to sign the paper to go to rehab. It's like he's talking to a petulant child, and while I agree that rehab is the better choice, and I still maintain that he was looking out for Richard when he found out about the drinking, Richard gets rightly pissed at being ordered about by this floppy-haired usurper who seems to believe he does know it all. Richard demands to know who Derek thinks he is, and reminds him that he's not his boss. They start full-on yelling back and forth, Derek saying he was trying to help and Richard saying he stole his job, and that when Derek needed help Richard didn't get him fired. Derek challenges that Richard got himself fired when he went back to drinking. Seriously, how does he still not know that ordering people around and acting haughty won't ever convince anyone to do anything? Richard finally challenges Derek to look him in the eye and try to say he just did what he had to do, so Derek looks him in the eye and admits that he wanted the job, but he didn't want to end Richard's career. That seems to be the heart of the matter; Richard says it's not up to Derek and that this is entirely up to Richard himself, and then he orders Derek out. Derek is drunk on his own power at this point, so incredibly he yells no, and it's all only stopped by Meredith walking in and ordering them both to cut it out. She points out that a bunch of people are all watching through the thousand windows, and Derek storms out and yells at them all to get back to work. He doesn't see Hunt and Mark, who both look very skeptical about Derek's leadership methods. Back in the conference room, Meredith glares at the Chief while he slumps back into looking pathetic.

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