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Dr. Warren, meanwhile, has settled back into his good mood and finds Bailey to tell her that he wants an apology -- he hands her some results that show that Leslie has some deal with her cells that means that she metabolizes anesthesia way faster than most, and that there was no way they could have known this before surgery. Bailey herself seems anesthetizes as she dully comments that this is why Leslie woke up, and Warren agrees and then jokes that Bailey doesn't have to get on her knees, but that he would like something heartfelt. I hope Bailey goes for something heartfelt -- this guy is HOTTTTT. He doesn't seem to be the best at reading a room, though, and doesn't notice that she's not reacting at all to his continued joking. When he says that it's good news that it isn't their fault, she explains that Leslie needs a second surgery since her incision is still bleeding. He assures her that it's fine because now he knows how to keep her under the whole time, but Bailey is inconsolable that Leslie won't let Bailey touch her, and he finally understands why Bailey's not playing along. She's incredibly hurt and confused since patients always trust her, and she can't seem to believe that someone now feels the complete opposite.

Cristina appears to have sustained an injury since we last saw her panting and pulling Hunt's top off -- she's limping down the hall and when Alex asks what's up she mumbles that she has a burn and tries to shoo him away. He won't be moved and tells her they are all doctors and she doesn't have to be embarrassed and then reminds her that she took care of his tick. She tells him it's not a tick, and then is saved by Lexie throwing herself onto a gurney and dramatically moaning that the day and Mark both suck. Alex announces that Cristina has a burn on her girl parts, and that pulls Lexie out of her little dark cloud and into the situation at hand... or rather, at butt, which is where it turns out the burn is actually located. Lexie asks how it happened but Mere arrives and Cristina grabs her, heads to a bed and pulls the curtain only to have Mere exclaim loud enough for the entire clinic to hear.

Cristina tries to shut Mere up but Mere just asks incredulously how she wound up with grate marks burned into her behind. Cristina tells her that they are vent marks, and then because Mere didn't see the hotness that we did, explains that she and Owen were getting it on before telling Mere just to dress the wound and be done with it. She then muses that Hunt has been acting like a caveman which has been hot, but a little bit disturbing, and she guesses it's probably on account of her offering him to Teddy. I think it's a sign of growth that Cristina can recognize this kind of emotional turmoil given how robotic she generally can be. Just then, Alex pulls the curtain back and when he sees what is going on, exclaims about her "hot cross buns." Lexie points out that it's going to blister. When Mere gets a page, she asks Lexie to finish and then pulls Alex away; once they are alone Lexie asks if it's a sex injury and then gets wistful at what good sex injuries she used to get with Mark. She starts to cry but Cristina asks her to please stop while she's working on her ass. Fair enough.

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