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An uninjured Hunt is walking down the hall and when Teddy calls after him, just says he's busy and keeps going. Avery picks this unfortunate moment to bring all the charts up to Teddy, and when he happily announces that he put them in room number Teddy snaps at him that Cristina usually puts them in order of priority. She is completely miffed but snaps that it's fine and orders him to follow her on rounds.

Avery may have thought he was hardcore and Alex was just babysitting, but while Avery is trailing after Teddy, Alex is facing down a red-faced father who is yelling that they absolutely aren't performing surgery on his son without any evidence of something being wrong. He yells about the money it will cost, and about his son needing to go to school without complaint the way his parents go to work. He's practically frothing at the mouth and storms off with his wife running after him, leaving Alex, Arizona and Brad to discuss. Arizona asks Alex if he thinks it is right to take Brad home, and after shushing Brad so that she can teach, Alex says he'd like to push Dad's face into a wall. He adds that he means no offense, but Brad is STOKED to hear the comment and happily assures him none was taken, probably glad to know he's not the only one that wants to do it. Arizona asks him what he could do that doesn't involve violence, and explains that tin pediatrics, the patients can't advocate for themselves so they need someone else to do it for them. She then asks him if he can do it.

He can, and he does. He explains pretty passionately that if Brad does have this condition and they take him home, that he could get super sick and go into such intense shock that an ambulance probably couldn't get him back to the hospital in time to save his life. Brad's dad has resorted to actually glaring with pursed lips, but Alex forges ahead and says that he understands why they would think Brad is faking, but he then challenges the dad to say just how sure he is. Arizona looks pretty worried, which is probably a combination of being worried the parents won't agree and worried that Alex is getting a little bit too demanding in his sales pitch.

Bailey is back in the war zone that is Leslie's room, and rather desperately tries to tell her that while she understands Leslie's hesitation, she really needs this surgery. Her husband just turns and asks if they haven't put Leslie through enough already, and their lawyer has joined them and says that he can make calls about getting her transferred to a new hospital. Bailey tells them that if they take the time to get her transferred she could have a greater risk of infection. Leslie rolls her eyes, which I think was supposed to make her look scared but instead made her look bored and fed up. Mere jumps in to reiterate that while she knows Leslie is scared, the dressing she did is only a temporary fix. Leslie just reminds them that it was like being in a coffin, not able to talk or move, and adds that the thought of Bailey's hand inside her... she can't finish because her husband rushes to convince her she doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to. On the one hand, I get it, but on the other hand that knee-jerk response seems just a tad irresponsible, too, since this is a surgery she needs and not one they want to do just to relieve how fun the first surgery was. Leslie's gaze travels to Meredith, who she seems to see for the first time, and she tells Meredith that she can do it because Leslie remembers her being calm and kind in the last surgery. Meredith tries to convince her that Bailey is more experienced but Leslie shuts her down and makes her promise that Bailey won't lay a finger on (or rather in) her.

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