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Derek is shooting some mini hoops in his new office and I was about to comment that he's getting awfully comfortable awfully fast in there, but he tells Mark that it was a present from Hunt. Mark takes the opportunity to sit in Derek's chair so that he can feel powerful for a few and also to more nicely lay out the shot of the three men having a conversation. Having seen the fight earlier, Mark wants to know what happened but Derek insists it isn't his story to tell and instead frets about his possible lawsuit on his first day. Mark then asks if he knew Lexie slept with Alex and even prissypants Derek reminds Mark that he was partaking in some of his own extracurricular activity. Mark pouts like a teenager about how she dumped him, so Derek asks if this is why Mark went and slept with Derek's ex. Hunt is stunned to hear about this, having missed all of that drama way back when. Derek tells Mark he thinks the Alex thing is a forgivable offense but Mark insists that it's not to him. The subject is mercifully changed when Hunt turns to shoot the ball and the guys notice that he has a hickey; he admits, embarrassed, that he and Cristina are getting along. Mark tells him that they are good together, better than he and Lexie or Cristina and Burke. It's a rather abrupt segue since we almost never hear that name uttered, but Mark just forges ahead and he and Derek talk about the wedding that wasn't. Hunt is totally confused as he's never heard anything about this, but when Mark calls it a good story Derek reminds him that this isn't Mark's story to tell.

Meredith walks back into Richard's cave and tells him that Bailey is letting her operate by himself, then asks if he thinks she can handle it. Obviously it's a ploy to get him to speak since this is the guy that was going to let her perform a whipple just last week. He refuses to look at or answer her so she says she heard he's thinking about quitting. When she's met with more silence she informs him that if her mom were there, "She would kick your ass for even considering it." Even mention of Ellis doesn't seem to affect Richard, so Mere gets up and leaves, but he then blinks to show that he hasn't yet changed fully into a wax statue.

Alex obviously convinced Brad's dad to go through with the surgery, but after that sales pitch it turns out they find absolutely nothing wrong. He's pretty upset that it turned out to be unnecessary, but Arizona tries to stay cheerful and convince him this just helps them rule things out while they figure out what is wrong. She adds that at least that is what he'll tell the parents, and when Alex expresses surprise that he has to do it, she points out that since he was the one that bullied them in to this, he is the one who gets to take the heat afterward. Brad then starts to get a bit unstable, so they get ready to close him up.

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