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Storm Surge

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Storm Surge
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After Princess showed up on Alex's doorstep with a beaten face last week, of course he lets her in and he helps her put ice on her black eye while he asks what happened. Princess is crying (one of the few times I'll allow it) and tells Alex that she and Jason were arguing about how he can never trust her again since she lied about who she was. Well, and while I think this is a completely idiotic storyline because dude, tell your live-in boyfriend about your past, she didn't lie so much as omit, I think. Alex concludes that Jason hit her and Princess wails that it, "Just got so bad!" Let's all make a note that she didn't actually say he hit her. Mere's voice tells us that bad things always come without warning. One could argue that good things do, too, but if I said that I might be spoiling some later voiceover, oops! And also, good things coming suddenly doesn't make for the end of a Grey's season, and we're at our penultimate episode where things have to continue to fall to pieces to set up cliffhangers next week. Back to Alex, he tucks Princess into bed and assures her he's safe, then tells her to call if she needs him. It seems to have not occurred to her that he'd run out to "fix" this situation and she yells after him, wondering where he's going. He just pulls up his hood and races down the stairs.

The next morning, April walks in to work amid a bunch of people bringing in sandbags and other supplies, and looks thoroughly confused at the fuss. Owen has to explain that a massive storm with hurricane-force winds and heavy rain is three days away from hitting Seattle. Seriously, does she live under a rock? Because as someone who went for a long weekend trip to NY three days before Superstorm Sandy hit (and wound up staying a week instead) I can promise that at this point no one would have absolutely no knowledge of this coming storm. I guess Owen needed a way to tell all of us the information, though. He hands her a workbook with their disaster protocols and tells her that they need to stock up on supplies, extra beds, and gurneys since they'll probably bring in about twice as many patients as they are used to.

Owen then gathers the staff to prepare them for the storm, and he tells them to discharge any patients they can and send any long-term or post-op patients to Seattle Pres. He adds that they will be refueling the backup generators, which is one of the first things I thought of when we learned this storm would round out the season. Mere is annoyed at the idea that non-urgent surgeries will be postponed but Derek points out that she could slow down seeing as how she's only three weeks from her due date. Before Mere can bite his head off at the idea, Alex comes up and urgently asks Derek to come with him.

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