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Happy new year, my gorgeous readers! Are we ready to jump back in to the downer-fest that this show has become? Let's get right to it! Previously on Grey's Anatomy, a lot of bad shit happened. Henry died. Ushering in this episode is an arty shot of rolling, dark storm clouds, just in case you weren't sure of the tone. As we are treated to slow-motion, head-cracking scenes of Meredith and Alex's ambulance accident and Cristina's horror at learning that her dead patient is Henry, Meredith's VO explains that victims of sudden impact are the hardest to treat. That's because of everything that comes after the initial collision: being thrown around in an ambulance, your inner organs being tossed like a salad, etc. There's no way to know how much damage has been done until all that stops.

Back on the dark, wet and windy road, Alex runs over to try and help the people that have been thrown out of the van. Mere is kind of helpless as she is holding the intubated baby and keeping her breathing by squeezing the bag valve mask. One of the victims is a man calling for his wife, who isn't responding. A teenage girl, Lilly, climbs out of the wreckage, banged up but generally fine, and she starts to freak out when she can't wake up her mom. Meredith tries to calm her down and winds up handing her the baby and instructing her to count, "One, two," and then squeeze to keep her breathing. Lilly is freaked out at the idea but Mere tells her she has to do it so that Mere can go try to help her family. She instructs the girl to count out loud so that Mere knows she's still doing her job, and warns her not to stop no matter what happens.

As Teddy continues to work on Laura, her husband Griffith is getting more and more upset. Their son drew is sleeping next to him and is smiling broadly in his sleep so that we can reflect on the sweet innocence of youth as contrasted with the absolute horror in this sweet child's mother having her heart ripped to shreds by a wayward screw, or something. Griffith is on the phone with Laura's mother and when he sees Jackson he finally puts him on to try and give her an adequate update on her daughter's surgery.

Bailey, Owen, and Richard are having a powwow about whether or not it's time to tell Teddy that her husband has died. Bailey finds it pretty heinous that they are waiting, but Richard points out that there really isn't a good way to handle the situation. Given how absolutely horrific it is already, he thinks that they should at least take the course of action that might save another patient's life and let Teddy finish up her surgery first. Rather lamely, Richard tells them both that Teddy will understand. Owen, who so far has just been heaving troubled sighs, asks if Richard really thinks so -- no one has an answer for that, it seems.

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