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Derek is finally convinced that Julia is rather a smart cookie, despite her taste in men, and he warns Mark not to screw this one up since she's a keeper. Lexie of course overhears this and sighs. Dude, even the "lighthearted" storylines are sad this week.

Lilly has gone to Michael's room and Abby is there, with one eye all bandaged up. Meredith tells Lilly she'll be outside if she needs her and then closes the door so that Lilly can tell them that both of their parents are now dead.

Mere VOs that you can't prepare for a sudden impact since it comes out of nowhere, and the life you knew is then over forever. To illustrate, we see Teddy crying over Henry's body.

Later, Meredith is at home, almost asleep in the kitchen when Derek walks in and rummages around for food. Mere tells him that she ordered a pizza, and then has him come over and keep her company while they wait for it to arrive. They smile and flirt, and after gazing at her lovingly for a while he tells her that they will be okay with just the two of them, which he knows is what she wants. Mere replies happily that she loves him. The doorbell rings, and she jumps up to go grab their pizza breakfast.

But instead of hearing the door opening, Derek hears only silence and he looks up to see Mere, staring at the door as if she has just seen a ghost. She says his name and he walks over as she asks him, "Isn't that our baby?" and points to the door. There, on the other side, is Janet, holding Zola, The Cutest Baby In The History Of Television. Derek replies that it is and immediately pulls open the door; Janet smiles and tells them, "She's yours." As Derek picks Zola up, Meredith beams and does a happily little wriggle of glee before taking Zola into her own arms. Derek then reaches over and pulls both of his girls in for a giant family bear hug. And it's awesome, and yes, I cried AGAIN, and thank goodness these were happy tears. But it wasn't enough to make up for the just ridiculous levels of tragedy and abject grief that we were subjected to this hour (and, really, much of this season).

Please, PLEASE, let's try having the show be fun, and occasionally have people be happy for more than just 30 seconds at a time. Let's make the second half of Season 10 the half that doesn't make me want to crawl into bed, never to emerge again.

p>Lauren S is a writer and gal-about-town who lives and works in Atlanta. This show is causing her to amass a large collection of various eye de-puffing creams. She wants everyone to know: "The views expressed in my recaps and anything else I might write on TWoP are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer."

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