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Derek and Mark are charged with getting the glass out of Abby's eye, and they have Lexie calling around to try and find a retinal surgeon but she can't find anyone who is available immediately. It's super convenient, then, that Mark's new girlfriend is just that, and she happens to be at his apartment, five minutes away. Lexie's very obviously not happy about any of that and Derek is awfully skeptical of letting Mark's new plaything operate with them, but Mark gives her a call anyway.

Little brother Michael is in an awful lot of pain, but it's not his crushed legs -- it seems to be his liver. He starts to freak out when he hears his sister yelling and freaking out, so Mere, who was helping out and knows that Lilly already watched her grandmother die, goes over to tend to her. She's once again watching them do compressions on her mom, and when Meredith walks in they basically tell her that she's gone. Meredith gets it but wants to try one more time for Lilly's sake and does; unfortunately, it's clear that Mom really is truly gone. Finally, she calls time of death while Lilly goes quiet and stares numbly at her mother's body.

Alex seems to have pure adrenaline coursing through his veins, given the amount of twitching and drumming he does while trying to just sit in the hallway. Finally he gets up and stalks off, and Arizona finds him in a gown, about to do a procedure on the baby. She demands to know what on earth he is doing, but he yells back that he's been through hell with this baby and didn't do that to just hand off her case now. Arizona agrees -- I suspect it's as much because he's acting like such a twitchy lunatic as it is that she thinks he has a good point -- and tells him calmly that he needs to slow down. He claims to know this, but his hands are almost shaking as he works frantically on the baby.

Owen finds Cristina and follows her into the stairwell so that we can start using this set again for wrenching personal conversations. She absolutely refuses to participate in the surgery until Owen tells her that Teddy requested her and after a second the penny drops: she realizes that they haven't yet told Teddy about Henry. She's even more upset and adamant now, but Owen yells the gist of Richard's words at her: if Laura dies, this will all be for nothing, and saving a life has to be worth something. Cristina isn't swayed and pleads that she can't do this, but Owen finally tells her that she has no choice and orders her to go.

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