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Derek and Mark are discussing Julia, with Derek still skeptical about bringing her in, given that Mark has no idea really what her trauma skills are like other than stories she has told him. He warns Mark that if he thinks she is in over her head, he's kicking her out. Mark just retorts that Derek obviously thinks anyone he sleeps with can't be smart and talented. Derek admits this is mostly true, so Mark pulls out his trump card and points out that Addie slept with him, and she's brilliant. They could also mention that Lexie is no slouch either, but her name isn't mentioned.

She is actually already in a room with Julia, Mark's current flame, looking at scans of Abby's eye when the boys join them. Lexie sheepishly apologizes once again for hitting her with a softball, and she assures Lex that it's fine, and her breast made a quick recovery. Mark giggles and confirms this, which doesn't really help Lexie's mood at all. They look at the scans and Derek figures that Abby will lose her eye, but Julia has some brilliant method to try that might help them save it. Derek points out some possible issues but Julia has answers, which seems to finally impress him and he agrees that they should try to save it.

Lilly, her tennis shoes soaked in blood, is joined by Meredith who tells her how sorry she is about her mom. She then lets the girl know that her dad and sister are in surgery, and they are taking her brother up now. Gently, Mere then asks if she knows if any of them were taking any medications or had any allergies but Lilly doesn't really know. Gently, and almost cringing at herself, Meredith then asks if they ever happened to discuss if her parents wanted extraordinary measures taken to save their lives. Lilly is appalled at the thought and cries that no, they just talked about "normal stuff." Mere wants to do what she can and find someone that Lilly might be able to lean on, so she asks who takes care of the kids when their parents are gone; is that someone they can call? Glumly, Lilly points out that this was her grandmother, whose brains we know are out on a windy road nearby. She breaks down, and Mere helplessly rubs her back and lets her cry.

Now, my friends, we shall have another recap-by-sound, as I cannot even take the close-ups they are showing of eye surgery. Yes, I know they are fake. Yes, it still made me almost throw up in my hand. So here you go: Music plays, and I assume they are working away. Derek gets annoyed when he thinks that Julia pushed the glass in further and wants to take over, but she testily points out that her hand is currently in the girl's eye. She then gets something right and tells them this is the fun part; juicy squishing sounds lead me to believe she then pulls the glass out.

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