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Michael is starting to stabilize, but there's still some waiting around and Bailey grudgingly compliments him, saying that this condition is usually caught too late, but he saved the boy's life. She won't really look at him as she speaks, but he is all smiley and flirty like normal as he tells her that he didn't want another patient dying on her. She gets defensive and annoyed as she counters that he did this just for her, and he jokingly points out that yes, if it was a different surgeon, he would have just not said anything. She's totally busted, there, for trying to make this all about her. He keeps teasing her about various things and she finally gets back to the surgery, still miffed. It's a relief to see Jason George once again be cute and smooth -- I caught up on some recent episodes of The Closer, where he played a gang kingpin, and he was super duper evil, sinister suave there. It's kind of amazing what a fine line there is between the two. Give me joking, flirting Ben any day.

Arizona is putting the baby back in her incubator when Alex runs in, frenzied, yelling that they have to go back to the OR because he forgot to do something or other. When she doesn't react he starts to holler at her and she finally forces him to look her in the eye and then reminds him calmly that he totally already did whatever it was. She then orders him to sit down and he seems to finally realize that he has to obey. She tells him he's overtired and likely in shock, and now he has to take a break for real. He tries to protest again but she shuts him up right quick.

Back in Teddy and Cristina's Funtime OR, Cristina works on the heart as it sits on ice while music blares. Teddy compliments her work and the two are about to get ready to put it back in to Laura's body. First, though, Teddy thinks they need waking up and she tells Cristina that when she was in med school she and her classmates had a funny trick to wake themselves up. Cristina blandly replies that she's already awake, but as she picks up the heart, Teddy lets out a crazy, "Wooooooh!" Is it best to startle your resident into wakefulness when she's holding a living organ? I kind of think not, but maybe that's why they need some waking up.

Teddy wants Cristina to join in the wooh-ing, but Cristina can only muster a really half-hearted wooh of her own. Finally, after a lot more yelps from Teddy, Cristina manages to get mildly into it; at that moment, Owen walks in to the gallery and sees what he thinks is surely a display of insanity down below as his surgeons whoop it up. He asks April what they are doing and she says slowly that she thinks they are having fun. Cristina looks up at them then, though, and the desperation on her face reminds us that she's in fact having anything but while Teddy boogies down beside her.

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