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Robert is out of surgery but still unconscious, and Lilly is sitting next to his bed, begging him to be okay, apologizing for being a jerk, and promising to do all sorts of things like help her younger siblings with their homework and babysit if he would just wake up. Given how well things have gone for this family tonight, I can't help but think that Lilly is just going to have her world shattered further. Meredith sees her and goes in to update her that her siblings at least are out of surgery and doing okay. Lilly makes Mere promise that no one else will break the news to them about their mom, since she is the one who should do it. Mere agrees, and then as if on cue Robert takes this moment to flatline. Mere and the nurses pull out the paddles and try to resuscitate him as Lilly looks on in horror.

Jackson goes to find Griffith in the OR to give him another update on Laura, and reports that they had to take her heart out to repair it, but that it all went smoothly and they're about to put her back together and finish up. My guess is that he is personally relieved, which is why he doesn't seem to take the emotional temperature of the room as he smiles and tells Griffith this is a good thing. Griffith flips out on him, yelling that his wife is in pieces on the table, and what is wrong with Jackson to say this is a good thing? Jackson is spared further wrath because Drew wakes up, and Griffith holds him and tells him gently to go back to sleep. He then gives Jackson a death glare until he walks away.

Meredith finally gets her stitches... from Alex. I guess he's been able to calm down enough to seem capable with a needle and thread. She's really happy to hear that the baby is doing well, but when he asks about the other kids, she sadly reports that after watching her mom die, Lilly won't leave her dad's side and he keeps coding. On cue, it happens again. Lilly wails a plea to her father to live while Mere tries to tell her to leave the room, and finally a nurse tries to pull her away as Lilly starts to scream that she has a right to be there. Richard comes in to help, and Mere just focuses her energy on trying to bring Robert back from the dead yet again.

I must have caught a glimpse of the beginning of the next scene, because my notes say, "Sutures on eye sweet Jesus." Mercifully, though, I can't remember this so I think my brain kicked in to survival mode and blotted the visual out. Julia is done with her part of the surgery and leaves the boys to finish up while she talks to Lexie out in the hall. Lexie is terrified to have to talk to her alone but Julia assures her that it's just for post-op instructions. She tells Lexie that the eye has to be covered 24/7 and while Abby can watch TV, she can't read a book for three days. Really not so bad considering the shard seemed to be about the length of a finger.

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