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Death Defying

Huntover time. "Living is better than dying. Until it's not." Sean shakes the pills into Kim's hand and though she looks sad, she doesn't hesitate to throw them in her mouth and wash them down with some wine (from a real glass). She smiles at him and he puts it aside, and then finally admits that he's scared, so she opens up her arms and he climbs into bed next to her for the last time. Teddy watches through the window as Hunt tells us, "But even if letting a person die is the right thing to do, it's not what surgeons are built for.

"We are arrogant and competitive." Mere is reading in bed when her arrogant and competitive post-it husband comes in and rather shockingly, immediately apologizes. He says he knows she is mad, but she just smiles and says she's not mad, she's in Whoville. He's totally confused but instead of explaining the gibberish she just spouted, she giggles and kisses him.

"We don't like to lose." Callie and Arizona are at the apartment, sitting across from each other, and Callie takes a breath and starts off with the worst opening anyone can use on a significant other, that this is so hard to say because she really cares about her. It's no wonder Arizona thinks Callie is about to dump her, but Callie quickly assures her that no, that's not it, and in fact what she has to say isn't bad at all. She clearly knows deep down that it could be bad for them, though, or she wouldn't have been so scared in the first place. She finally tells Arizona that at some point, she wants to have a baby. Arizona's smile melts right off of her face, and she pulls her hands away from Callie's -- unfortunately Callie's assuring her that this wasn't a bad thing didn't really seem to convince Arizona of that. Huntover: "And death feels like a loss. Even when we know it's not. We know it's time.

"We know it's right." Teddy knocks on Mark's door and he answers wearing a fully unbuttoned shirt, like you do. He invites her in and she tells him that she helped her patient die today. Still in his new role as 'gentleman,' he asks if she wants to talk about it but she tells him no and instead kisses him while pulling his conveniently loose shirt right off. He finally thinks to close the door as they get down to really getting to know one another. Huntover: "We know we did everything we could."

Just as we started the episode, Hunt and Cristina are in bed -- she's asleep, and he is wide awake and thinks back to Iraq and again plays Dan's last moments in his head. Hunt crumbles as Dan falls still, and Hunt closes his eyes and stares at his friend as hears a helicopter finally arriving -- his version of the cure for cancer coming the very next day. Through the bright lights from the helicopter, Hunt can see Teddy, clearly worried, smiling at him.

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