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Death Defying

He's doing pushups with a vengeance when Cristina walks in, shocked, and asks what he's doing. He's surprised himself but quickly pulls it together and smiles at her, saying he couldn't sleep. Cristina is no dummy and asks rather forlornly if he's okay, and he Huntovers: "But it's hard to shake the feeling that you could have done more." He doesn't tell Cristina that, though, and instead just assures her that he's fine and she should go back to bed. Having heard Kim's theory earlier Cristina asks, "What are you thinking?" But he just smiles and says nothing, again telling her to go back to bed. She doesn't seem convinced but she does seem to know that she's not going to get an answer, and she shuffles back to the bedroom while he goes back to his pushups. And while Kim's theory is that men don't know what they're thinking, I think Hunt knows full well but has regressed a little bit and doesn't want to admit that he's still being haunted by Iraq and possibly also the suitcases full of unresolved sexual tension that he and Teddy lugged back from the desert. I really thought they'd put that to bed a while ago, but it seems awfully like this love triangle is going to rear its ugly head one again since he again imagines the soccer game, before everyone was blown to bits, when Teddy was happily riding around on his back. Tellingly, there's also the sound of a helicopter -- the very thing that set him off the first time when he had to finally confront his PTSD. He's an onion, this one, with layers and layers of issues that still need tending.

Find out who will be guest-starring on the final episodes of Grey's this season.

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