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Death Defying

Mark, who seems to have gotten Arizona as a bonus confidante now as part of a package deal for Callie, tells the girls that he's been on three dates with Teddy that have involved just talking, and do they have any idea how much you can learn about a person when you remain upright? Callie's not paying much attention and Arizona points out that she's been distracted with making cartilage out of thin air; she tells them she thinks it's hot, kisses Callie and goes. As soon as she is out of earshot Callie blurts out to Mark that Arizona doesn't want kids in any way, shape or form. It turns out Callie didn't say anything when she found this out because she didn't want to mess up how well things are going for the two of them, and she also doesn't want to be seen as crazy and desperate. Mark thinks this is better than actually becoming a crazy, desperate childless woman who stalks others' children, and gently tells Callie that she has to talk to Arizona -- the prospect of which obviously doesn't excite Callie much.

Derek is in the middle of what appears to be a scintillating finance meeting when Meredith bounds to the door. He excuses himself and gives her 30 seconds, so she bounces around and explains how she diagnosed her patient with strange symptoms as having a brain tumor and so Shadow Shepherd (Derek tries to get her to call him "Dr. Nelson", but fails) is letting her do a huge portion of the surgery herself. He asks incredulously if that was it and then goes back in to his meeting which leaves Mere crestfallen at the door. There was nothing on the post-it about him cutting down on his pompous douchiness, unfortunately.

Charles, Avery and Alex are all waiting for an ambulance, and when Mark walks out and sees them all he reaches the obvious conclusion that the ambulance coming must be driven by Nicole, the hot paramedic who we have totally never heard them lust after before but for whom apparently they all do. The Chief walks out just in time to hear Charles comment on her ass and add that he would love to hit that. The guys all get nervous when they realize Richard heard what was going on and apologize, calling him Chief, but he assures them that it's fine and reminds them that he isn't Chief any longer, though none of them seem to really believe that makes it okay. Nicole comes around and tells them that the patient she is dropping off is Nick, a guy who was helicopter skiing and broke his leg and hip. Nick happily tells them all that it was the avalanche, not the helicopter, which did all that, and he's got two friends coming in behind him.

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