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Death Defying

He's still mentally in Iraq when Bailey tries to ask him questions about the patient, and he has a hard time snapping back into the here and now. Not really knowing what's going on he just hands the patient fully over to Bailey. She asks Tommy how he wasn't hurt and after he tells her Phil chimes in that he missed out, and that it was FREAKING AWESOME! These guys are idiots, and Bailey knows it. Honestly, Tommy seems to know it too.

Cristina is working with Teddy today, and goes into Kim's room confused that she got a message that Kim wanted to lower her pain meds. But that's indeed what she meant -- she explains that they make her "fuzzy" and she doesn't want that today. She then tells Cristina that she's decided to stay and do it at the hospital, rather than at home, since she doesn't want her husband to have to deal with her body afterwards. He's visibly uncomfortable with that kind of talk and assures her it's fine, but she tells him that they can bring things from home to make the hospital room cozy and familiar for her last hours. She also wants wine, and when she asks Cristina if she can have some Cristina points out she can see no reason why not. Sean, with a heartbreaking hopeful lift in his voice, starts to point out that if she needs wine maybe she doesn't really want to do this, but she tells him, gently but very firmly, that she just wants the wine but she thinks he's the one that's going to need it. As Cristina watches discreetly while she works, Kim tries to have a talk with Sean to see how he's feeling about all of this. He says that he's not feeling anything, but she starts to get angry and points out that he has to feel something when they are talking about where she's going to die. Instead of engaging her, Sean just asks if she wants red or white wine and then goes to pick everything up. She wants red, and in a proper wine glass, but throws her hands up at his refusal to actually discuss what is happening. Once he's gone, she rants to Cristina a little bit about how you always have the same fights, even when you're dying. Her theory is that when men don't want to tell you how they are feeling -- when we think they are being difficult -- she thinks they really don't know what they are feeling. The stuff with her husband is clearly upsetting, and her breathing is labored so Cristina comes over and puts her oxygen mask back on and tries to help her relax. It's nice that more and more we do see a human side to Cristina with patients -- she's balancing out!

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