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Death Defying

The boys and Richard are all getting ready for surgery, and Richard asks a nurse if Bailey is on her way. When the nurse goes to check, Richard makes the unfortunate decision to try out some "locker room talk" and says conspiratorially that if he wasn't happily married, he'd hit her. "I'd hit her hard." There's a monumentally uncomfortable silence both because of what was said and who was saying it, and Alex finally says, "Sir, I think what you meant to say was 'hit that'." As if this weren't awkward enough, Bailey has arrived and chimes in pointedly that she doesn't think he wanted to say it at all. Richard sighs, busted and no closer to being one of the guys.

Meredith is scrubbing in for her lesser surgery when Avery comes out from The Most Uncomfortable OR In The World and comments on Derek poaching her good surgery. She's surprised he heard but she's also the one who made sure she screamed it at the top of her lungs, so wasn't that the point? She admits she's mad, so Avery gives her some advice, turning the tables from when his grandfather was there and she was the old wise one. He tells her to be one of the Whos in Whoville -- even when the Grinch tried to steal Christmas, they didn't let it ruin the day and they came out and sang. Music starts up as they smile and he tells her to go into surgery and sing. "Sing, Cindy Lou, sing!" Please, oh please, oh PLEASE don't be trying to start something between these two. I don't think I can handle another Meredith/Derek on/off situation. ANYTHING but that -- and trust me, I know these writers really will do anything.

Hunt has finally decided to go back to his own patients, and he tells Phil that numbing him to fix the cut on his head would hurt more than just stapling it, and after telling him it won't hurt much Lexie makes her only other appearance to shoot some staples into his scalp. Phil lets out a yell, which triggers another flashback for Hunt.

Dan is screaming as Hunt tries to get off his wedding ring, but he succeeds and good thing as he tells Dan the ring would have cut his finger off soon with all of the swelling. Dan gives Hunt a Look and when Hunt asks what's up, Dan points out that Hunt is trying to save his arm when he really needs to make a tourniquet and tie it off. They argue a while and Dan (the owner of said arm, and therefore the one who I think has far more say in the issue) finally convinces Hunt, so Hunt takes off his belt and yanks it tight underneath Dan's shoulder. Dan yells at the pain but suddenly has far worse things to worry about -- an artery bursts in his neck and he starts to bleed out into the sand.

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