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Death Defying

Owen is snapped out of his war-torn haze by Derek this time, who reports that Kim's test came back and reaffirmed that nothing more can be done, so Mark signed off as the second doctor. He tells Hunt that he did his due diligence but that it's over. Hunt just growls, "You're not going to kill him. I won't let you kill him" and pushes past Derek to go do... who knows what, exactly. Derek, however, actually acts like the Chief as he informs Hunt that the patient in question is a female and that she is in fact choosing to die. He then orders Hunt to go home, and when Hunt tries to say he has a surgery Derek very firmly tells him he's done for the day and to go home.

Back in Iraq, night has fallen and Hunt has Dan use his good arm to put pressure on his own neck since Hunt has to move him. Dan is quite delirious and Hunt tries to keep him awake, but he's only half there -- when Hunt mentions waiting for someone to come, Dan thinks that means someone is on the way. It's sad and terribly desperate, and when Hunt drags him away from the truck Dan yells and begs him to stop, crying like a child. Hunt tries to assure him that it's going to be okay and takes back the duty of plugging his neck, but Dan has realized it's his Time, and he asks Hunt to say a Hail Mary with him. Hunt doesn't know it, so he just repeats the words after Dan as he goes; it calms Hunt a little bit but he is still obviously desperate. As Dan talks about making sure his wife gets his ring, he eggs on Hunt some more about how he should propose to Teddy, despite Hunt trying to argue that he's engaged to Beth. Finally, Dan tells him to move his hand off of Dan's neck, even ordering Hunt to do so when he initially refuses. Hunt absolutely refuses to do so.

In present-day Seattle, Hunt has been standing outside in the rain but turns on his heel and storms back inside.

Callie is updating Tommy on Nick's surgery and tells him that he should probably let Nick's wife know that it's worse than a broken leg. He already did, insofar as he told his own wife and she was going to let Mrs. Nick know, since Tommy is scared of her. Callie is amused that a guy who can climb mountains and jump out of helicopters is scared of his friend's wife but he admits that he was scared during all those trips and hated every minute of them. The thing is, Nick and Phil are his boys, and they love adventure, and he doesn't want to be the one to ruin it because they are a team. Callie comments on his just sucking it up and Tommy tells her how he does it: "Close my eyes and hope I don't die." As life mottos go, it's a pretty unfortunate one.

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