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Sibling Rivalry
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Meredith and Derek are asleep when there is a knock at the door, and it takes a while for Mere to wake up and realize what's going on. Cristina has shown up like the ghost of trauma present and says that Owen is at work before reconsidering and apologizing for being there. Mere of course tells her to come in, and Cristina only hesitates over the weirdness of Derek being in bed too for a moment. He's dead asleep and so has no idea that she has crawled into bed on the other side of his wife. As they drift off, Mere VOs, "Most surgeons grow up being freaks. While other kids played outside, we holed up in our rooms -- memorizing the periodic table, huddling for hours over our junior microscopes, dissecting our first frogs." The next morning, Derek rolls over and takes his wife's hand, but after a moment realizes that he's already curled up next to his wife, and that the hand in fact belongs to Cristina. Thoroughly weirded out, he just rolls back over to his safe side of the bed.

Later that morning, the attendings are all gathered for a meeting with Perkins, whose time of sitting in the conference room and looking either "serene" or "serene with a cocked eyebrow" is coming to a close. He says that the few docs not cleared yet for surgery will be handed over to Dr. Amy, who will take care of clearing them herself. I am quite excited at the idea we'll get to see her again on the show -- she's always one of my favorites. Derek asks about Cristina and Richard jumps in lest we think that Perkins can actually speak complex sentences. Seriously, I was excited for another hot doctor but he just basically nodded with the same facial expression, asked a couple of questions, and dated Teddy for his entire three episode arc. Richard explains that Perkins thought Cristina should be assigned to something "low stress," such as administration. Derek's pretty aghast at the idea and instead demands to have her put on his service, pointing out that if she moves to admin she'll just leave the program forever. Various doctors throw out various opinions on the matter until Perkins reminds everyone that she "crawled under a table in the OR two weeks ago." I would argue that that wording implies that she meant to do what she did out of cowardice, and I'm surprised he didn't say something like, "Had a severe PTSD episode" instead, as she didn't crawl so much as she collapsed. Regardless, Derek finally shuts up the arguing by announcing dramatically, "She goes, I go."

Outside in the hallway, Meredith is watching all this with a furrowed brow and tells Cristina she thinks they are arguing about her, saying more to herself than her friend that they can't kick her out of the program for being traumatized. Cristina is just lounging against a wall and says she doesn't care what happens. Neither girl is happy, though, when Derek comes out and tells them that Cristina is on his service that day -- Mere because she just got bumped, and Cristina because she doesn't actually want to do anything.

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