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Jerry's surgery is still plodding along, and Mark realizes that he doesn't have enough good skin to do any sort of graft. Jackson realizes that with all of these open wounds he really will look like Frankenstein as he feared. Bailey glares at him for once again showing how any sensitivity training they had last year has worn completely off, and he at least has the grace to look ashamed. Lexie offers brightly to go update Tess on what is happening but it's a transparent attempt to get away from the surgery for a little while and Bailey won't fall for it. Instead, she just crunches off yet another horn from one hand.

Mere and April are still in Gretchen's room when Danny comes in, demanding his mother's engagement ring back. Gretchen, crying, pleads with him not to do this, while April has regained her power of coherent speech and tells him that Gretchen didn't cheat. Mere agrees, but he's wary, so April goes on to explain that at her bachelorette party, they had a woman there demonstrating various toys and whatnot, and that at one point... here April dissolves into stuttering and lame hand gestures, so Mere has to once again pick up the thread and says that she was putting a condom on a banana with her mouth and then accidentally inhaled it. Danny's eyebrows just raise, not sure of what to make of the story, but Gretchen admits through her tears that she thought she swallowed it, and he starts to laugh. She's even more mortified but he is obviously relieved, having realized quickly that everyone is sincere and besides, this has to fall into the Too Crazy To Be Made Up category. Gretchen doesn't feel better, though, because she's convinced she has no idea what she's doing and is going to blow their wedding night. (I know, I know, I couldn't resist.) But Danny grabs her in a hug and assures her that he'll love her wedding night no matter what because he loves her, and April watches them with a quivery little smile.

Back in the OR with the Shepherd family reunion, Amy pulls the tumor out of Todd's brain, and a relieved Cristina pipes up and asks desperately if she can leave. Her tone is more that of someone who has just spent hours on the rack than that of a surgeon who has just observed a procedure. After she runs out Amy starts to insult her, calling her a "dud" and asking Derek how she made it through her internship. Derek clearly doesn't want to get into it and will only say that she wasn't ready and he pushed her, but as Amy continues the bashing Derek informs her that Cristina saved his life, and he owes her everything. He then orders Amy out, and she quietly and quickly leaves.

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