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Sibling Rivalry

Lexie has still not gotten control of her gag reflex, and looks sick as she takes another horn from Bailey and adds it to the pile sitting on a scale. Jackson notes that it is up to 12 pounds; "Ebay, here I come!" Lexie starts giggling nervously and can't stop even though Bailey berates them, reminding them that they are doctors who have to be able to handle anything the human body can throw at them. She then snaps off another horn, but gets an absolutely revolting surprise as a ginormous spider crawls out from where he's been living within Jerry's horns, and Bailey loses the plot. She shrieks and dances around while screaming for someone to kill it, and after Lexie knocks it to the floor and smooshes it with her toe, Bailey just wraps her arms around herself and takes some shaky, deep breaths, trying to calm down. No stones thrown here, as I'm the girl who made my friend drive over one night to kill a spider that was on my bedroom ceiling. What?

Cristina has reached a new low, one where she plays solitaire alone in the locker room; that's where she is when Derek finds her and sits down across from her. She seems a tad ashamed but not enough to stop playing cards, and Derek doesn't look mad, just sad. He tells her that he wouldn't have picked her to be a part of his personal life but that now she is family, and he is worried about her. She glances up at him semi-contemptuously, as she doesn't take worry well on a good day, and then goes back to her cards until he knocks his hand on the table to get her attention. He growls at her that she's flaming out, and that she has the most potential of almost any resident he's ever seen, and he's speaking as someone who cares about her when he tells her it's not okay. She listens to everything and then admits to him matter-of-factly that she can barely remember the surgery in which she removed the bullet from his chest, and what she can remember comes back at very inconvenient times, so that's that. She then storms out, while Derek has a Think about it all.

Richard once again catches Alex on the stairs but this time calls after him, and doesn't beat around the bush as he reminds him that he laid in a pool of his own blood and almost died in one of those elevators, which is why he now takes the stairs. But, he informs Alex, one day he'll have a critical patient and won't be able to do that. Alex is not a fan of this conversation and sulks like a champ, but he also doesn't say anything or run away. Richard walks Alex to the elevators and says that they are going to take the elevator together right now, and stay on it until Alex is bored rather than scared. He walks in while Alex hesitates, and though he tries to look tough it's obvious how hard it is for him to finally take those steps inside. Man, remember when everything important on this show used to happen in the elevator? At least that has died down, or Alex would be getting a fraction of the ass he gets from showing off his "war wound." Because even though that bullet is gone, you know he's going to milk that scar for all it's worth.

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