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As Jerry sleeps post-surgery, Mark explains to Tess what happened, and how as of right now there isn't enough good skin from which to do grafts. She's not thrilled to learn that it's going to be at least another six months to a year that he's going to look like a "freak." Mark obviously thinks she's being a bit harsh and says it will be better than he did look, but he'll have a lot of scarring. But she's not worried about seeing that herself -- rather, she knows that he will still want to only stay inside and not see people, and she also knows that he's not going to be patient about waiting and then going through with the next step. She finally admits to Mark that she hasn't touched her husband in four years, because he won't let her. It's heartbreaking how much pain she is in from that, and how much she hates admitting that she has to live her life while he only wants to be a hermit. She's clutching her cardigan to her neck like Cristina and her various blankets, and there's the exact same sense of desperation coming as she asks Mark if he thinks that even when two people love each other, maybe that love isn't enough? Ah, Mark, once again, is learning an important lesson about love from a patient. No wonder he then also has Callie approve his every move -- he's taken so much time hearing other people's thoughts on the matter that I don't think he's ever just made a decision purely for himself and what he personally thinks is best.

Even though she stormed away, Derek obviously found Cristina and he takes her in to where a cadaver is laid out for surgery and asks where she made the incision for his own surgery. She doesn't know, and adds that she's not making that up -- she truly has no recollection. Fortunately, Derek isn't shy and he has the evidence right there in his chest, so he unbuttons his shirt long enough to show her. She's incredibly apprehensive, and when he hands out the scalpel she doesn't take it and says this is stupid. Derek makes a lame joke -- what's the worst that can happen? She kills him? -- and Cristina finds her old personality enough to mock him for a second, but she just stares at the scalpel for a long time before she can finally force her arm to move and take it from him. Derek shows her where to make the cut, and she hovers over the body for a long while before she can actually do it, looking all the while like she's going to vomit. But Derek just tells her that was good, and asks her what was next. She thinks and then pulls up something that I think is a bone saw, and he watches her face as she sets the thing whirring and brings it over to continue the procedure.

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