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Sibling Rivalry

That evening, Derek is leaning up against his car in a pouty, male-model sort of way when Amy walks out and sulks that she's leaving. With no preamble, he begins to tell her what happened when their dad was shot -- she and Derek were playing down behind the counter when the men came in, and the kids didn't pay any attention until their dad yelled. The men already had pulled a gun and taken the money when they told him to give up his watch, but as we know it was the watch his wife, their mother, had given him and he refused. Derek looks sad but proud at that particular memory, and then continues that when the men fired their shots, Amy lunged for her dad, and she continues that she remembers wanting to get to him but she couldn't move. Derek explains that's because he was holding her back with his hand clamped over her mouth so she wouldn't scream. Since then, all he wanted was for her to stay little, safe, and quiet but now she's not any of those things. He lets out what I feel is such a TV line: "You're loud and fearless and it scares the crap out of me." As I don't watch Private Practice I don't really care much about Amy and this hour hasn't really done much to make me care. But I guess her work is done if Derek opens up some about... his shooting? His life? He clich├ęs some more, asking how could he have called her and told her he was shot? He can't tell her about his pain, because he doesn't want her to know pain exists. Actually, earlier I think you didn't want to call her because you held a fairly legitimate grudge about crap she pulled when she was acting out, but fine, let's now go with you being a protective older brother. He pulls her close, and the two have a Moment.

Arizona, Callie, Bailey and Teddy are having a drinking party in the lounge with a bottle of brandy that Bailey keeps stashed in her locker. She needs it because of the spider, and defends to the others that she has an actual phobia. Teddy pours herself a very generous coffee cup full before Bailey realizes and gets the bottle back before it is all gone. Arizona gripes about how they are going to live in a frat house forever. Honey... you contributed to that by being one of the four people that spend most of their time there, and just because you made a big step doesn't mean that the others all of a sudden need to want exactly the same thing as you, especially when one has severe PTSD. Ugh. I actually do understand her wanting to have the place to just her and Callie, and I think it would be good for Cristina and Owen to have their own space to start their marriage, I do. But I keep coming back to the whole "severely traumatized" part, and the fact that Arizona is a doctor and usually a sympathetic and kind person, so this whole situation just winds up being annoying and makes me want to shake Arizona to get her to calm down for a moment. Please, PLEASE give these two a better storyline soon! Phew! Off my soapbox now. Callie says they aren't the frat house -- that's Meredith's house -- but theirs is the off-campus apartment where people go to buy pot. Teddy has spent the whole conversation staring into her brandy and Bailey gently asks if she told Perkins goodbye, but Teddy admits she's just been avoiding him. On cue, then, he opens the door, and the other girls hustle out with the excuse that they are off to buy Bailey a real drink.

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