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Sibling Rivalry

He sits down next to Teddy and asks her to dinner, but she admits she thought they'd just do a peck on the cheek and a wave to keep it simple. He sits down next to her as he notes how totally dissatisfying that sounds, and she admits through her tears that she likes him more than she wanted to and despite knowing the situation when they got involved, and then she moans that she doesn't know what her problem is. He does, and it's not because he's a psychiatrist so much as he's an adult who has two eyes -- he points out gently to her that she falls for men who aren't actually available. (See: himself and Owen.) She starts to cry and he pulls her to him and tells her she's making terrible choices and deserves better. Amen.

Mere starts to wrap us up for the week: "Nobody chooses to be a freak. Most people don't even realize they're a freak until it's way too late to change it." Alex, though, is changing it -- he and Richard are still in the elevator and when the doors open, they exchange a look and Richard pushes a button to keep them riding. Alex doesn't yet look bored, but he does look more at peace than we've seen him this season.

Mark is in the ICU and watches through the window as Tess kisses Jerry's scarred face as he sleeps, then is overcome by emotion, grabs her bag and leaves. Mark furrows his brow in sad contemplation.

It's one of those nights where everyone ends up at the bar, and Meredith, April, Jackson and Alex are in a booth, where the guys are trying to get April to admit she's a virgin and are teasing the hell out of her about it. Meredith is pretty drunk, though it appears she's on some vodka drink rather than tequila, so she's a happy drunk even as she wonders where Cristina could be. Lexie plops down beside her to announce that only one person looked at her funny all day (I presume she means Mark) and that Bailey screamed "like a little bitch baby" over the spider, so she considers this a good day. They all prattle on and Lexie is filled in about the April/potential virgin situation, until April has had enough and snaps. She announces that yes, she's a virgin, but she doesn't talk about it and that they all have things they don't talk about. She then goes around the table to point these out to everyone: She has totally noticed Alex's elevator phobia, but didn't say anything because it wasn't her business. Jackson apparently wakes up screaming from nightmares each night, which is more interesting because that seem to imply that he now ALSO lives at Casa Meredith. Seriously, is there a housing shortage in Seattle? This has just gotten weird. April then informs Meredith that the reason she doesn't talk about Cristina is because she's terrified Cristina will never be the same, and then she turns to Lexie and informs her that duh, Mark doesn't think she's crazy, he just loves her but won't say anything because he now thinks he can't. Everyone is totally chastised, staring into their drinks, and she finishes up by announcing she's a 28-year-old virgin who wanted her first time to be special but she wound up waiting too long (and she's also pretty sure guys find her annoying). She reminds them that none of these things qualify as drinks conversation, before chugging the rest of her own drink. After a moment of silence Meredith grins proudly and announces, "Oh April, I'm liking you more and more."

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