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Sibling Rivalry

Owen gets home and finds his bride on the sofa with her blanket pulled up to her throat, of course, but when he tells her he's home all night she visibly relaxes a little. When he asks her how her day was, she cuddles up to him and admits with an air of defeat that she thinks she could be happy being a plumber. Their quiet moment is interrupted when Callie and Arizona come in, drunk, giggling, making out, and ripping each other's clothes off. Cristina and Owen watch with dropped jaws, and truth be told, Owen looks a bit pleased at the show, but I don't think the girls even notice. After they slam the bedroom door shut, Cristina declares that they have to get their own place, and Owen pulls up a newspaper so that they can start looking immediately. If only Callie had realized that's all they needed to do to start the process, maybe we wouldn't have had to suffer through all of their stupid, whiny scenes earlier.

"But no matter how much of a freak you end up being, chances are, there's still someone out there for you." As Mere voiceovers, we see Lexie fixing her makeup in an elevator, and she walks out smiling, happier than we've seen her since before the shooting. She rounds the corner, however, in time to see Mark and Amy making out in the hallway, and after Mark finds out she has a couple of hours until her flight, he pulls her into his apartment. Lexie is horrified, and actually recoils as if someone has just punched her in the gut. Mere finishes up: "Unless, of course, they've already moved on. Because when it comes to love, even freaks can't wait forever." So I guess Mark got over seeing Amy as Derek's 12-year-old sister, then.

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