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Meanwhile, Lexie and Jackson are with Bailey and find a woman in the ambulance bay, yelling at her husband to get out of the car. He's got a hood up so we can't see his face and just yells back that he refuses, and they keep locking and unlocking the car doors. Bailey finally goes to talk to the guy, Jerry, through the window and tells him calmly that if he lets her see what's wrong she might be able to help. He asks her if she can help with "these" and obviously thinks her answer is no, but she tells him without changing her facial expression that she can, though he has to get out of the car first. Bailey opens the door and he starts to crawl out, and we see that his hands look like giant, greenish-black monster claws, which takes Lexie so by surprise that she freaks out and yells, "Oh my!" before slapping her hand over her mouth. Bailey glares daggers at her and she apologizes, but the damage is done, and Jerry comments on how sweet people can be. His entire face is also covered with warts in the same green-black hue. No one in the crowd is happy, and Lexie can still barely look at him.

Once inside Lexie is begging forgiveness from Bailey, who just tells her that after she apologizes, she has to stay with Jerry all day, even during lunch. Lexie tries to crack that she doesn't think she'll want lunch but Bailey is way too pissed to even respond to this weak attempt at humor, and just has Lexie go get Mark for a consult.

April and Mere meet a patient, Gretchen, who is there with her fiancé Danny; she's having chest pains and is short of breath. As April and Mere discuss something Mere quietly and to the side apologizes for snapping at April and says that she just doesn't like to talk about Cristina. Wait, is she actually having this conversation aside from a patient so that they don't hear all sorts of the docs' dirty laundry? Madness! Gretchen is panicked about it possibly being cancer, though admits it could also be anxiety with their wedding two weeks away. April tells them that they will do a chest x-ray, and then asks an innocent question about if she might be pregnant. After a denial and some giggling and furtive looks between the two, Gretchen admits that she's a virgin who has been waiting for her wedding night. She's convinced the doctors now think that she's a freak but the girls both assure her that they don't think that, and April's eyes shine in a way that tell me that this is clearly something she takes to heart, most likely because she's a virgin herself. She gazes at them as they gaze at each other; Danny clearly adores her and April obviously thinks this is great, especially given that she hasn't, er, given it up yet.

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