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Sibling Rivalry

After Lexie tells Mark that Bailey needs the consult, she walks away, but keeps turning around and looking back at him because he can't take his eyes off of her. Callie tells him to turn around and when he claims he can't (with Lexie looking more and more freaked out as she walks away) she grabs his chin and physically turns him away. She reminds him that Lexie unequivocally told him to leave her alone, and when Mark hopefully asks if maybe she just needs more time, Callie gives him a Look until he promises to try looking away.

As Derek, Cristina and Amy wait for Todd's scans to show up on the screen, Amy asks Derek if it hurt to get shot. Derek can't believe this question and I have to say I'd probably have his same reaction, even though I am loathe to admit any similarities between me and him. Cristina is relieved when the images pop up, sparing her sitting in the middle of this sibling spat any longer. Once they can see the tumor Derek asks her the best approach to take it out, but she just petulantly says she doesn't know. Amy is pretty impatient with all this, especially when he asks another question that she can't and/or won't answer, but Derek just tells Cristina to book an OR and cuts off her offer to have Amy help with the surgery instead. Once she's gone, Amy blows up at Derek, not believing that he'd let what she sees as a hopeless resident scrub in. She asks, why doesn't he just shoot the guy? Girlfriend, seriously? Derek snaps at her never to mention shooting in this hospital, don't criticize his surgeons, and just leave her patient and go home. Her face falls quickly from "smartass" to "chastised" as he storms out. That said, even after only knowing her for a few moments she's obviously not just going to leave.

When Mark goes to talk to Jerry about his warts, he fortunately manages to keep his eyes off of Lexie and on his patient. He explains that Jerry has a strain of HPV that causes the warts, and has a very rare case where some sort of immune deficiency has caused them to grow out of control. His wife, Tess, explains that they went to a dermatologist four years earlier, who took them off, but they just grew back, and it's all too much for Jerry, who is totally defeated and says that they might as well just go home since this will never stop. Mark counters, however, that if he does nothing that they will keep growing and he'll eventually be completely disabled, so he needs the surgery. Jerry just spits that then he'll look like Frankenstein instead. Bailey explains that the surgery is needed to cut off the individual blood supply to each of the warts, but Mark tells him that they will also do some skin grafts with his remaining good skin, which will help. He admits that they will recur but that they can then repeat the process. Jerry just argues to Tess that this means they can't really help, but Tess is fed up, and asks if a couple of years with her is really a waste of time to him? They just sit at home and never go out in public, and she wants to just have dinner or see a movie around other people. Bailey tries to give them time to discuss it but Tess won't do it and puts her foot down -- either he has the surgery or she is going to leave. She adds as a reminder to him and so we all know too that his friends and his brothers have all finally given up on him, so she is all he has left.

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