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Sibling Rivalry

In the OR, Teddy, April and Meredith are working on Gretchen, and Teddy marvels at the idea of a 27-year-old virgin. April immediately stands up for her patient, defending that she was just waiting for the right person, and that it's sweet and idealistic. Teddy's too wrapped up in her own drama to pick up on the fairly obvious twinge of desperation in April's defense, and just declares that it's smart, because then you don't get too attached. She then starts to rant about getting attached even when you pick someone specifically because you're sure you wouldn't get attached. Mere doesn't seem to pick up on April's tone but she certainly picks up on Teddy's and raises an eyebrow. They all come back to the job at hand when they find a mass in Gretchen's lung and pull out...

A condom. Of course this information has spread like wildfire, and the residents are all walking down the hall together and laughing about it, especially Alex, and Mere adds with some pity in her voice that Gretchen's fiancé thinks she is a virgin. Jackson then darts ahead of them and leads them to a window so that they can all get a look at Jerry, as well as at a nearly-retching Lexie who is tending to his wounds. Everyone gets a good laugh, and I'm again struck by how unprofessional these guys can be given that they are staring through a total two-way window and Jerry could catch them at any moment. Meredith actually wishes she was in there helping out because it's such a rare case, which brings it back around to the virginity issue as Alex jokes it's as rare as a 27-year-old virgin. April quickly squeaks that it's not impossible.

Owen and Derek are walking along and Owen points out that his wife is sleeping in Derek's bed, but Derek quickly clarifies that she is sleeping with Meredith, and he's over on the other side. Owen's a bit weirded out by it but Derek likens it to E.T. -- that Elliott and E.T. had this disturbing bond where E.T. would feel anything that happened to Elliott, and that is like Cristina and Mere. They, on the other hand, are like the government officials in the hazmat suits, who are trying to steer them in the right direction, "But in the end, we just don't understand." I think it's funny that at different times each of these men seems to have a better understanding than the other of the ties that bind Mere and Cristina, and today is Derek's day. Owen asks if he is okay with that and Derek just tells him about his hobbies -- fishing, building a house, golf -- and that those help. As Owen contemplates the idea of taking up a sport, Derek tells him sincerely that he's looking out for her, and Owen thanks him.

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