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Sibling Rivalry

The residents, meanwhile, are heavily into their favorite topic: sex. They go around the room and share stories of their first times -- Alex was deflowered at 15 by his school nurse in the back of a car (which she then taught him to drive a year later), Mere lost it as a sophomore to a guy who had no idea what he was doing, Jackson started with two girls at once at his junior prom and cockily declares that he knew exactly what he was doing. Yeah, keep telling yourself that, my friend. The other girls seem to be thinking the same thing I am. Cristina waited until she was 19 and responds to the jeers by saying she was focused on her studies, but lost it to her short chemistry T.A., who seems to have had some skillz of his own. April tries to slink away but they call after her and don't let it rest when she claims it's a private memory. Finally, she spits out that it was on the beach at sunset, and it was beautiful. Ah, the beach. One of those things that sounds so good in theory, if you don't think about the millions of harsh little grains of sand that can sneak into every crevice. Everyone is skeptical and Cristina brings up the sand, and finally Alex puts two and two together and guesses that April is a virgin. She adamantly denies it but everyone is in an uproar, sure Alex is right. Mere quietly laughs to herself but eventually comes to April's defense, saying the beach at sunset sounds really nice, and effectively shuts up the others for the time being.

Derek is scrubbing in for surgery when Amy walks up, and he announces that she can go watch the surgery from the gallery. She's ticked off and tells him that while he can pretend they aren't related, they are, and something bad happened. Derek just rolls his eyes and asks what she wants, and she claims that this isn't about him; that she's now had two men in her family get shot, and one died. This is the last straw for Derek, who can't believe she's dragging their dad's death into this, but when he yells at her she yells back about how he refuses to talk to her about either of those shootings. He isn't swayed, and tells her to go home before heading into the OR. She follows him in and claims he needs help, but he says he has an "exceedingly capable resident." Unfortunately Cristina walks in and calls through the glass that she's sorry she's late, but there was a long line at the cafeteria, with a tone that clearly implies she'd rather still be in that line than here. Derek finally grudgingly tells Amy she can stay.

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