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Sibling Rivalry

Jackson, Lexie, Bailey and Mark are all working on Jerry, and Bailey is systematically cutting off what they are calling "horns" on his hands. She explains to Jackson what's going on, and when she removes a piece she hands it to Lexie to dispose of it. Lexie obviously wants to vomit into her surgical mask and Jackson offers to do it, but Bailey is unrelenting and tells him that Lexie is fine. She then sees that Mark is once again staring at her, which isn't adding to her level of general discomfort in this surgery. He tries to look away, but as soon as her head is turned he's staring again.

Mere and April go to Gretchen's room to discuss her surgery, but when they ask Danny for a moment alone with her, she grabs his hand and insists that they can say anything in front of him. When has that line ever not led to trouble? But Mere closes the door, and April proceeds to stammer and stumble over the few words she can successfully get out. Finally, Mere steps up and calmly says that the blockage they found was a condom. Danny is aghast as Mere explains that she must have inhaled it, and Gretchen is positively mortified, but in a way that says she seems to know how this could be possible. Danny drops her hand as Mere tries to present the silver lining -- now that it's removed, she should feel better -- but he's understandably focusing on the fact that he's convinced she's not actually a virgin, and that he waited for two years while she had sex with someone else. April stutters that plenty of people use condoms for other activities but Danny growls that they don't, and storms out as Gretchen cries after him.

Derek is doing Todd's surgery and narrating to Cristina what he is doing as he goes. But when he asks her if she can see something she's doing, she just sulks, "Not really." He doesn't bite, and instead just irrigates the field more so that she can see, and she has to grudgingly go along with it. But then alarms beep and he realizes he's got to crack Todd's skull. When he asks Cristina to pack the guy's nose (where they had been going in for the tumor before the alarms) she panics -- not like she did the week before, but she still tries rather desperately to give Amy the job and when Derek presses her, she finally yells at him to please stop, and he do it. Amy shoves her aside and takes over while Cristina stares at the floor.

Richard, who just so coincidentally seems to be hanging out by the elevators a lot today, runs into Alex as he comes from the stairwell, breathing heavy and his scrubs stained with sweat. Alex lamely tries to claim that it's good exercise but Richard points out that he stinks, and instead of helping with a surgery Alex is instead ordered to take a shower.

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