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We open with outside shots of Seattle Grace. Mere voice-overs that her college campus has a magic statue the nose of which students rub for good luck. Inside shots of the hospital flash by as Mere tells us that her freshman roommate really believed in the statue's power, and insisted on rubbing its nose before every exam. That sounds kind of weird, and besides, what if the statue has a cold? MereVO: "Studying might have been a better idea; she flunked out sophomore year. But we all have little superstitious things that we do." Now we see how the doctors are superstitious before surgery: Addison pins her wedding ring to her scrubs and pats it; Burke frets about his personalized scrub caps, which didn't come in the laundry delivery, and then cracks his neck; McDreamy says, "All right, everybody. It's a beautiful morning to save lives. Let's have some fun!" Hee. Bailey's superstitious tell is closing her eyes, leaning her head back, and taking a huge breath. She recovers and snaps, "10 blade!" Suddenly, all the surgeries go wrong. Bailey's patient spurts blood everywhere, Burke's patient crashes dramatically, Addison's has a bad reaction, and McDreamy's doesn't like him rooting around in the middle of his brain. They all die. MereVO: "Knock on wood. Step on a crack, break your mother's back. The last thing we want to do is offend the gods."

In the interns' locker room, George whines, "Four surgeries, four fatalities, and the day's barely started." He asks for a bite of Cristina's breakfast bar. She refuses, saying that he's already in her apartment -- he doesn't get to be in her food. Izzie says that she talked to the morgue guy this morning, and that he said that fatalities come in threes and sevens, so there'll be three more before midnight. Cristina is skeptical, but Izzie's all, "He's the morgue guy! He knows things about death!" Mere tries to hand George something he's dropped, but he pointedly turns around and leaves without taking it. This is going to become very annoying very quickly. Alex is trying to ask Izzie why she snuck out last night when Bailey calls them all down to the ER: "We've all had deaths, now let's go save a life." The interns follow, and are interrupted by Addison handing Bailey a cup of hot chocolate. She explains that it's a little ritual they had in New York -- four surgeries, four deaths, they can all use some good "juju." Bailey's all, " cocoa equals juju how?" Addison commands her not to question the cocoa, and then hands Meredith one too. She's all shy about it, saying, "Thanks. You know, thank you. For your help. This morning." Aw. McDreamy receives his own juju from Addison, commenting, "You jujued Meredith?" Addison says that she did; she did juju Meredith, we all juju, too. McDreamy says that's very big of Addison, being friends with Meredith. Addison pretends it's no big deal -- McDreamy and Mere are friends, so she and Meredith are friends by proxy, right? McDreamy: "Well, it's not like I'm going to be friends with, say...Mark." Addison says that neither is she, and that he should finish his juju before somebody else dies. I love this Addison!

Mere, juju-hater that she is, takes one sip of the hot juju cocoa and chucks it in the trash. Meanwhile, Burke is on the phone with the laundry about his "ten scrub caps with colorful patterns that were sent out last night." Heeee. He runs into Webber, who offers his condolences on his valve-replacement surgery, and tells Burke not to listen to the rumors going around about fatalities in threes and sevens. Burke is still on the phone: "Look, are you sure they weren't sent to another hospital?" Webber asks a nurse, who is busy erasing names from the board, how many electives they've cancelled today. The nurse says they've cancelled three. Webber: "And what have the surgeons been giving as a reason?" Burke, still on the phone: "Because I prefer my OWN CAPS?!?" Webber tells the nurse that no one changes that board unless they talk to Webber first.

Down in the ER, Cristina remarks that it sure is quiet today. Bailey and the others can't believe she just said the "'Q' word." Cristina scoffs, "Please. You think just because someone says it's quiet that it'll mean..." Just then the door bangs open to reveal two women stumbling in, one of them coughing up blood. The other one is just there to hold up the woman coughing up blood. Izzie's and Alex's pagers go off, signaling the siren call of one Denny Duquette. A nurse hangs up the phone and calls out, "Two incoming!" Bailey gives Cristina a knowing look, which Cristina tries to ignore. But she can't, because it's all her fault!

In the ambulance bay, Cristina is introduced to her patient: a young man involved in a rear-end collison. His head hit the windshield, and he appears to be counting on his fingers as Cristina assesses him. Before he can be wheeled off to his CT scan, though, he stops them: "Wait! I'm counting the siren whoops. We can't go until it reaches thirty-three." Grouchy Paramedic informs Cristina that he also seems to have a touch of OCD. Just a touch, huh?

Meredith's patient is a woman who says she's been struck by lightning. She talks a lot. No, a LOT. Here's her babble, culled down to a reasonable number of words: horoscope said not to leave house today. Left anyway. Whoops! Struck by lightning. Bailey finds this strange, since the woman has no sign of having been struck by lightning. "Nikki" admits that she wasn't struck struck -- a tree was struck, and it fell on her. Well, a branch. Fine, a limb. Nikki has obviously been struck by what, in layman's terms, is called "lying." She claims that it's the same difference, whether she was struck by lightning or hit with a tree branch. Bailey's like, "No, actually, medically, it isn't. And from now on, it would be helpful if you told us the whole truth." Nikki has a tiny scratch above her eye, which Meredith moves to check. Nikki winces in great pain and crazies, "You wanna know the truth? My boyfriend LOVED that tree! He's totally gonna freak OUT!" Oookay.

George finds Webber to tell him that there's someone named "Ms. Warner" down in Admitting who's asking for him. Webber has no idea who this is until George elaborates further that the woman's name is Olive Warner, she's in her fifties, and she says she's known Webber for about twenty years. Webber: "You talking about Ollie?" George is all, "Uh huh. Right." George says that she presented with upper G.I. bleeding and had a TIPPS procedure last month for esophageal varices. Oh, those. I get them all the time. Tums helps. Poignant music plays as Webber catches a glimpse of the patient. He tells George that he'll take it from here, and greets Ollie with a sweet hello. Ollie, who is being played by the excellent Mary Kay Place, pats his hand fondly and says it's good to see him. Boy, that Webber loves his blondes.

Izzie examines Denny as Alex reports on his condition, which involves lots of big words and is bad. Denny is clearly having trouble breathing. Izzie asks him how bad the pain is, and he says it's about a five or six when he breathes. Alex: "That means a seven or eight when you're not trying to impress your doctor." And here's the first of several "Aw, snap!"s that Alex will receive tonight. Denny pants that he heard four patients died earlier, and that they were expecting three more. He himself would like to avoid the OR right about now. He deduces from Izzie's and Alex's looks that there's a slim chance of that. Izzie gently explains that he could be experiencing a pulmonary embolism -- a complication from his previous surgery -- and that they're going to have to consult Burke. Izzie looks depressed, and mournful music plays.

Mere wheels Nikki into the elevator with Cristina and the OCD Guy, and sighs, "I got hot chocolated. The She-Shepherd hot-chocolated me. It's her juju." Cristina: "I don't like people to say 'juju.'" Heh. Nikki butts in, "I like juju." OCD Guy: "Juju juju juju. Juju juju juju." Mere says that she didn't drink the hot chocolate. Nikki butts

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