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that Burke needs it to operate. Cristina disagrees. Izzie says that's not her decision to make -- not when he's going in on Denny: "Now, are you going to give it to me, or am I going to physically take it from you?" Cristina can't believe this is happening, but stands her ground. Izzie bows up to her and says, "I like you, Cristina, I really do. But I grew up in a trailer park, and I am not above kicking your pampered little Beverly Hills ass. And I do mean physically. Kicking. Your ass." Haaaaa! That almost -- almost -- redeems Izzie for all of her recent ridiculousness. Commercials.

Izzie leads Cristina by the arm over to Burke. Cristina poutily hands him the scrub cap. He thanks her, and asks how long she's had it. Cristina doesn't answer him, but only says that he doesn't need it: "I keep that cap in my locker because every morning I look at it, and I'm reminded of what I'm here for, and what I want to be -- a great surgeon. A surgeon who's decisive, and executes, and doesn't need a piece of clothing to give him an edge in surgery. You don't need it." Burke ponders this and says he knows, she's right. Cristina says she knows she's right, all sassy, and walks away. The minute she does, Burke runs away and puts on his scrub cap. Hee. He passes George in the hall and says he's ready to go.

Krazytown. Mere asks Nikki if it might be possible that she's misreading the signs: "Isn't two surgeons telling you you need surgery a sign that you might need surgery?" Nikki doesn't care; she wants to know if Mere called her boyfriend. Mere says that she did, and he said that he hasn't been Nikki's boyfriend in a while. Well, that's a surprise! Nikki: "Did you tell him I got struck by lightning?" Oh my God. I think I need to hit my alcoholic bottom and then go to an AA meeting.

Alex is getting ready for Denny's surgery when Izzie confronts him: "What did you say to him? Why does Denny think he's dying?" Alex says that maybe it's because there's a good chance he is. Right on. Izzie sniffs, and says, "Just so we're clear? We're over." Alex can't believe she's breaking up with him over a corpse. Izzie says no, she's breaking up with him because on Alex's very best day, that corpse is twice the man Alex will ever be: "You're not good enough for me, Alex. You're not good enough for anyone." Well! Luckily, Burke happens in on this little display of drama, and tells them that neither of them is scrubbing in for the surgery; they're both way too personally involved. Neither, of course, can possibly understand why.

OCD Guy is doing his penny chant in the OR until Cristina tells him she's sorry, she has to give him his anesthetic now. He goes out, and some rock music picks up. We get shots of each surgeon's lucky tell, same as in the beginning of the episode. McDreamy says that it's a beautiful afternoon to save lives, Burke cracks his neck, and Bailey takes her deep breath. Very superstitious! Webber explains Ollie's surgery for his interns and the others watching. Meredith interrupts Bailey's surgery to tell her that there's something wrong with Nikki. She's bleeding out, but Nikki still doesn't want to go into surgery. Mere, in a last resort, tells Nikki that her boyfriend called and said he doesn't want her to die -- will she let them operate? Unfortunately, Nikki loses consciousness before she can answer. Bailey calls a Code Blue and the music gets really loud. As Bailey charges the defibrillator paddles, we go to commercials. Whew!

When we come back, everyone is finishing up their surgeries and/or deaths. Izzie anxiously waits outside, staring at the board. Bailey tries to revive Nikki, unsuccessfully. McDreamy is having problems of his own, but we don't know the result. A technician tells Burke that Denny's losing pressure. Outside, a couple of nurses walk downstairs, talking: "See? Told you there'd be seven." Izzie overhears them and freakily asks, "WHO DIED?" The nurses don't know. One says his money's on the Chief's shunt. Alex sidles over and comments, "I got twenty says Burke's guy went down." Now that was taking it a little too far. Okay, no it wasn't. I like Alex like I like my NBA players: the worse they act, the more I love them. Izzie is just stricken. Bailey and Mere come out and say that they lost Nikki. Mere heard there was a #6, too. Oh, who will it be?

Webber walks out of the OR slowly, and sadly approaches Ollie's little band of friends. He totally fakes us out, with such a sad face, and then says, "She made it through." Gretchen hugs Webber tight and thanks him.

Meanwhile, McDreamy angrily pulls off his mask, and Cristina unhooks poor OCD Guy from the vent. Mere voice-overs, "Superstition lies in the space between what we can control, and what we can't."

Izzie leans against a wall and cries buckets. Denny's dead! Oops, no he isn't. We pan over to him in his bed, and he says, "So I wasn't one of the seven." Izzie walks over to him and says that there were only six. Denny: "Why are you crying?" Izzie wipes away her obvious tears and says that she's not crying. Denny -- in a very sweet way, which I hate because I hate them -- says, "You are too." Izzie says that she cannot fall for a patient. Denny: "Okay. Good luck with that." What can Izzie do but kiss him? I feel that there was no other option, but it could just be because I've nearly reached my alcoholic bottom. MereVO: "Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you'll have good luck."

The rest of the interns are back in the locker room getting ready to go home. George mopes on through, and Alex takes note: "O'Malley, you are a sad excuse for a man." George is all, "'Scuse me?" Alex says that he heard him. So did Mere and Cristina, because they start paying close attention. Alex isn't done: "You're like a whiny little girl. Man, you got laid. It went badly. A man would move on! But you? You mope around this place like a dog that likes to get kicked. You make me SICK, and if it wouldn't get me thrown out of the program, I'd smash your pathetic little face RIGHT into that locker!" Please let us snap a third time for Alex Karev, ladies and gentlemen! He slams his locker shut and leaves the others gaping. Whee!

Cut to Cristina and Burke looking mighty fine and walking out of the hospital together. Mere voice-overs that nobody wants to pass up a chance for good luck, but does saying it thirty-three times really help? Is anyone really listening? Burke is: he tells Cris that if she really feels that strongly about George, he'll ask him to leave tonight. Cristina says she does want him out, but...not tonight. Aw. Burke hands Cristina back her scrub cap, which she takes with thinly veiled delight. MereVO: "And if no one's listening, why do we bother doing those strange things at all?"

And finally, the moment we've all been waiting for: George O'Malley moves on. He finds Callie and tells her that he should have called. She ignores him, so he goes around the corner and dials her number on his cell phone. When she picks up, he says, "Hi. This is George O'Malley calling. You gave me your phone number? I know I should have called sooner, but I'm calling now. Maybe you want to go out with me sometime? Because...I love to watch you set bones. And...I don't really spend that much time in women's restrooms. And I really like you." Yay! As if you didn't know, it works. Callie looks over and gives George the bedroom eyes, and it is on.

Mere tells us that we rely on superstitions because we're smart enough to know we don't have all the answers. We cut back inside the hospital, where Addison is bringing Mere yet another cup of hot juju. Mere accepts this one and actually takes a tiny sip. She voice-overs that life works in mysterious ways as she watches Addison and McDreamy leave the hospital together. MereVO: "Don't dis the juju, from wherever it comes."

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