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l day long you'll have good luck." Repeat, repeat, repeat. Clean, clean, clean. The psychologist tells Cristina it's classic behavior -- OCD Guy needs to say repetitive rhymes or prayers a certain number of times, usually in multiples of three. Then he asks, "Uh, is that...normal?" Cristina looks over, and George is pressing his face up to the window, making faces and being generally annoying. Cristina: "Just don't look at him."

Mere literally runs into McDreamy in the hall, and is all big smiles until Addison walks over all, "Hey! Oh, hey!" Mere smiles some more, this time fakely, and indicates that she has very important, other places to be. McDreamy does the same, leaving Addison and her juju-self alone in the hall. She says, to no one in particular, "Oh, I have something, too!" Aw, she's so great in this episode.

Webber is breaking the news to Ollie and Gretchen that he's going to have to put in a very complicated and dangerous something called a "portacaval shunt." There is only a 50% survival rate, he says. Ollie asks what her other choice is, and his silence confirms that that's about it. Ollie wants to know if he'll be the one to do it. Webber says that he's performed this surgery nine times, and had four patients survive. Ollie: "It's perfect, then. I'll be your five out of ten."

Over in Krazytown, Nikki is informing Mere and Bailey that she's sure the spleen is very important, but that she is not, under any circumstances, having surgery today: "You can operate after midnight, but not one minute before." Bailey tries to impress upon Nikki the importance of having surgery right away: "Your spleen is bleeding. Spleen trumps horoscope!" Nikki argues that her horoscope was right -- she went out to her car this morning, and had a flat tire. Then there was a wreck on the freeway, but did she turn around? No, she detoured an hour out of her way to get to Kevin's house. And then at Kevin's house, she got struck by lightning! Mere reminds her that she wasn't actually struck by lightning. Nikki spazzes out, saying that she knows she will definitely die if she has this operation today, die die die! She asks Mere to call her boyfriend and tell him she's having an operation at midnight, please. Kookoo! Kookoo! Find a penny pick it up, all day long you'll kookoooooo! Mere says okay, and asks Bailey if she should call Psych. Bailey says that she can try, but in the meantime, Mere should get her to ICU: "Poor girl's gonna kill herself tryin' not to die." And wouldn't that be a blessing for us all.

Alex is alone with Denny, in Denny's room. He does not, as you might expect, try to take Denny for himself; instead, he says that Izzie likes Denny a lot, and that it sure is going to be hard on her if Denny.... "You mean, when I die?" Denny finishes. "I'm asking you. Man to man." Alex says that, with a clot like his, it could cut off the oxygen to his lungs, and that Denny could die of hypoxia: "If the hypoxia doesn't kill you, the strain on your heart will. And you're a serious risk for bleeding because of all the anticoagulants in your system. What I'm saying is, Izzie likes you, and she's not gonna be the one to pull away." Denny breathlessly (ha!) absorbs this. Let's all take a minute to give Alex his second snap of the evening. Commercials.

Mere and Cristina are outside at lunch, comparing notes on their respective insane patients. Cristina says that they should be introduced: "They'd make a nice crazy couple!" Indeed. George slams down his tray and sits close to Cristina. She's all, "I'm sitting here with Meredith. Have some self-respect." George says that Dr. Burke's orders trump any personal issues he might have, and he loudly chews on his sandwich. Go away, George. Cristina explains to Mere that George is trying to stalk Burke's lucky cap from her. Mere: "Burke has hat juju? And you're using it against him?" Cristina says that she has to, because of the clarinet-playing, and the running, and all the bonding with breakfast food. All the while, George keeps moving his chair closer and closer to Cristina's. Go AWAY, George! Izzie sits down in her darling pink ski jacket and starts talking about how all this seven-people-dying-today stuff is just superstitious and ridiculous...right? Cristina's all, "Oh, really, Tinkerbell?" Hee. Mere asks if she's worried about Denny. Izzie says of course she is, he's her patient: "I mean, if you're asking me if I'm 'worried about Denny'! I'm sleeping with Alex, so..." Uh huh. She immediately asks Cristina if Burke said anything to her about the case. Cristina says no, it's not her case, and besides, Izzie's sleeping with Alex, right, so why does she care that much? Izzie's all, "Right, I know. Besides, it's just stupid, I mean, there's no such thing as a death cluster. God!" Heeeee. Meanwhile, George is actively chewing so that the food will fall out of his mouth and nearer to Cristina and her secret scrub cap.

OCD Guy is in his room with McDreamy, asking, "You're going to remove part of my skullcap? And the operating room? It's clean, clean, clean?" McDreamy says yes, it's clean, clean, clean. He goes to get ready, and OCD Guy starts flipping his light on and off, on and off, on and off, on and off, on and off, on and off. Oh, is that bothering you? IT'S BOTHERING ME. Cristina asks if he can stop that, to which he replies, "No, I'm sorry, I can't." Cristina sighs and starts filling out his chart. OCD Guy tells George he knows Cristina is judging him -- it's always the people most like him who judge the most. "You're Type A, right?" he asks her. "Straight-A student, top of your class?" Cristina says yes, she was. OCD Guy says that she's managed to turn her compulsions into something productive, but that they're cut from the same cloth: "That's why you can't stand me." Cristina's all, "Oop! Time to go!" OCD Guy says he's not done. Cristina says, in fact, he is. George, just to be more annoying than he is already being, is like, "Just let him finish!" Ugh.

Gretchen spies Webber loitering outside Ollie's room, which is full of people. She walks out into the hall: "Ollie says you should come in. She says you need a meeting. She said to tell you not to protect your anonymity over your sobriety." Jesus gay. Webber walks reluctantly in, and then really gets into the meeting as they're reciting the Serenity Prayer. He holds hands in a circle and recites it and everything. Ollie is pleased, if liverless at the moment.

Denny's on his way to surgery. Izzie stops him and asks how he's doing. Denny tells her that his will is in his nightstand, and to make sure it gets into the right hands. Izzie asks why they're talking about his will. Denny: "We have to be realistic, Dr. Stevens. And if you can't, then I can." Izzie's all, "'Dr. Stevens'?! Why are you talking to me this way, My Magical Lover?" She says that Denny can't go into surgery thinking he's going to die, but Denny says nothing as he's wheeled into the OR.

George follows Cristina into the women's bathroom. I need him to stop making me hate him. Cristina asks him if he wants her to pee in front of him or not. George thinks Cristina has the scrub cap on her. Cristina: "Oh, really. You want to go there?" George: "I wanna go there. Burke said to do whatever I have to do." He manhandles her all over the sinks, trying to remove the scrub cap from wherever she has it hidden. Cristina fights back mightily, and George might have found it if Callie hadn't exited a stall just then. Cristina: "That's my breast! My breast!" Callie surveys the scene, and then calmly walks over and starts washing her hands: "Dr. O'Malley. You're aware that this is the women's restroom?" Heh. George answers, "Yes ma'am!" Callie leaves. George hangs his head. Cristina: "Dude, you called her 'ma'am.' She's never gonna sleep with you now."

George finds Izzie and asks if she's seen Burke, because Cristina won't give Burke's lucky scrub cap back. Izzie doesn't even wait around for an explanation; she just runs off to find Cristina and pulls her into a supply closet: "George says you have Burke's scrub cap. Give it to him." Cristina says no. Izzie says

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