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The Painful Truth
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Aw, remember the moment when Owen found Cristina impaled by an icicle? Or when he told her he thought she was beautiful? Or when she introduced him to the fan that blows up your pants and make you laugh? We're treated to a montage of their sweet moments together as Mere reminds us of, a href="" target="_blank">"Dem Bones," you know: "The foot bone's connected to the leg bone..." and so on but says that in med school, you learn it is more complicated than that. One would hope that whoever is in med school actually learned that lesson long before they applied, actually. Regardless, no matter how well you know anatomy, you know that everything is connected. So that means all of the horrible fighting moments Owen and Cristina have had are connected, too: Cristina yelling at him that she's not having a baby, him telling her it hurts to love her, and the cereal throwing incident just from last week being three prime examples.

And then we see what led to (this round of) fighting which then led to the cereal throwing: Owen is at Joe's (I miss Joe actually being there) and he's having drinks with a woman who looks like Nancy Travis' younger sister. She's flirting that she can't believe he does this every day, and then when their drinks arrive she downs hers in one gulp. Owen is nervous, but certainly not uninterested. He tries to leave but it's a pretty weak effort and she asks him to stay for one more; it's the least she can do. They share a long look and then the shot freezes...

...because this is Owen recounting the evening to Cristina, and he has no desire to continue. She demands that he keep going but he doesn't want to, because he knows this will hurt her and he wants to try and fix their relationship without causing her even more pain. She is not moved by this and insists that she wants to know every gory detail. She informs him that if he really wants to fix things, she has to know what happened. Now, I don't want to let Owen off the hook and I'm not saying I wouldn't be tempted to act just the same way if I were in her shoes but there's no way that this will end well.

We're treated to a crazy gorgeous shot of Seattle in the morning and then join Meredith and Callie on a walk through the park. Callie is pushing Sofia in her stroller while she quizzes Mere with a hypothetical medical case. Mere tells her how she would treat the patient and Callie dings her, telling her that she actually just killed the guy. Mere argues and they go back and forth until Callie stops, turns to face Mere, and proudly tells her that she's absolutely right and ready for the Boards -- she knows her stuff so well that she won't second-guess herself even when Callie tries to throw her off her game. Callie happily tells Mere she's free and to go off and do whatever it is she does.

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