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The Painful Truth

That would be making out lustily with Derek in an on-call room. But while Derek certainly enjoys the interlude, he realizes that this is usually her drink-coffee-and-bitch time with Cristina and knows that something must be wrong if Mere is with him instead. Goodness, there are some well-earned Husband Points to Derek, right there. She insists everything is fine and tries to distract him with kisses; ultimately, she is saved from the conversation by the weird bonky tone of the new hospital pagers when Derek gets a message. He reads whatever it is and swears.

At first glance it's unclear why he is swearing since he arrives at the daily staff meeting to find a spread of amazing fruit and baked goods that are making me kind of want to lick the television since I have not had breakfast yet. I'm nothing if not a sucker for a delicious baked good. Avery is passing out sheets with inspirational quotes on there and everyone is thoroughly confused about the occasion until Mark sweeps in wearing a suit, with a Bluetooth in one ear and he is -- gasp

-- clean-shaven. There was also something else and it took my friend Jessica to point out that he's lost weight recently and neither of us are fans of how skinny he's gotten. I like my man-whore with a little more bulk on his frame and scruff on his face. (Though I wonder if the weight loss is due to Eric Dane's recent-ish stint in rehab for painkiller addiction and if that's the case, I applaud him for taking control of that.) (But if it's just from, like, a lot of extra cardio I say pack on some more muscle, McSteamy!) He pompously announces his thoughts on baked goods being important for a good meeting and then explains that Owen and Cristina are both home with the flu, so Owen asked him to fill in as Chief for the day. Everyone is skeptical that this really happened but when Bailey asks, he claims Owen asked for him by name.

When the meeting is over, Teddy runs up to Callie and Arizona in the hall and maniacally babbles about how she made reservations for all of them at a pretty restaurant with twinkly lights -- she knows it might be too romantic but she wants her first night back out in the world to be somewhere pretty. Dude, I have twinkly lights on my balcony year-round. Twinkly lights make every environment better, romance or no. Teddy is high on coffee but buzzes, "Ladies' night, yay!!" and then runs off. Callie explains to a confused Arizona that she said they would go out with Teddy for a ladies' night and Arizona is even more confused, thinking they are going to a girl bar. Is this a thing? Is that what ladies' night really means? Because if so I've been using it all wrong when my girlfriends and I get together for wine and cheese and maybe -- just maybe -- a viewing of She's the Man. Callie tells her no, they are just getting Teddy out of the house for a night with the girls. Arizona points out that they probably need at least one other lady so that Teddy doesn't feel like a third fifth wheel. Callie tries to get Bailey to go but is only able to convince her once Arizona tells her they are buying.

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