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The Painful Truth

Bailey then joins Richard and Mere to meet their patient o'the day whose show name I already don't remember because I saw his name in the credits and realized with joy that he is the actor who voiced Chef Louis in The Little Mermaid, who sings one of my target ="_blank">very favorite songs in the movie. Don't mind me, I'll just be humming this in the background while I write the rest of this recap. Here in Seattle, Louis is much less French and much more yellow on account of his failing liver, which is one of about five organs that are failing him. He needs a multi-organ transplant and Richard happily tells him that they have a donor. Louis isn't overly excited because he's been told this twice before and both times it has fallen through, so he tells Richard he'll believe it when he sees it. Once the other docs leave Mere stays to get him ready and asks if there is any family she should call. Louis tells her that they already said their goodbyes twice before and he told them not to bother this time. She tells him to let her know if he changes his mind but he teases that he knows he won't.

The residents who didn't learn via the Torres Method are all freaking out about the Boards, and are trying to quiz each other with flashcards that have hypothetical medical situations. When April throws one out to Alex and Avery they both have tentative guesses but their brains are mush and they can't remember what to do. Mere walks up and calmly tells them the answer, and then gloats just a little bit that she's so ready for the exam because of The Method. Avery panics that he can't even remember any real cases anymore but Alex tries to make him feel better by telling him that Cristina is by far the most screwed of the group since no one has seen her do an ounce of studying yet. Mere insists she's fine and refuses to let them say anything negative about her friend's chances, but once they leave she worriedly takes out her phone to call her friend.

At the firehouse, the fighting is still going on. Owen can't see what the point is of telling Cristina every detail especially since he knows it will only hurt her. She thinks that she has a right to know and tells him that if he's not going to tell her, he can get out. The phone rings and he's absolutely appalled that she goes to answer it but Cristina yells back that Meredith has called five times and if Cristina doesn't answer Mere will just come over to make sure they aren't dead from the flu. Mere asks how she is feeling and Cristina manages to mumble that she's fine, but tears are streaming down her face. Mere guesses that Owen is there and Cristina makes a comment that he is sick too; Mere can't help herself sniping, "Oh, I bet he is." If Cristina didn't think Mere knew about the affair before, she must know now that she does. Mere tries to talk to her but Cristina cuts her off and hangs up. He then asks if he's staying or going but she tells him that is up to him. He sighs, puts down his coat, and picks the story back up again, telling her that it was the day after they quit therapy that he met Nancy at the hospital. I'm just calling her Nancy to avoid pronoun hell, though -- Owen is All Pronouns, All The Time.

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