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The Painful Truth

Remember how horrible it was to watch these two in therapy? Well we get to do it again for a couple of moments, specifically, we see Cristina yelling at Owen to be her Person and then see Owen reply sadly to be his Person. Owen is then at work when a trauma patient is brought in and when he calls out asking if anyone is with the patient, Nancy runs in and says she is. Again, we freeze the shot.

Cristina and Owen are trying to do normal things: he's doing the dishes, and she is making tea while he tells the story. Cristina interrupts to ask what the woman's name was and after he thinks a moment, he admits he can't remember. Duh, Owen, she's called Nancy -- you could have just asked me that.

Avery, who is now the Chief's Bitch for the day, gives Mark his schedule and then has to put up with Mark's bitching that Avery didn't call lunch -- when he has a sort of "open house" to talk to any docs who are interested -- "Beef With the Chief." Avery thought he wasn't serious about the name. As a member of the Plastics Posse, he should know that Mark is never kidding about these things. Mark insists that he wants to do things right, and thinks that giving the docs a way to get things off of their chest before they become big problems is the way to start. He's not wrong about that, but he is wrong to think that naming it "Beef With the Chief" is going to get people there.

He then goes in to see a patient with Derek and Ben. The poor guy in the bed has his head turned to the side, away from the docs, but that's because his jaw and spine have fused that way as a result of juvenile arthritis. He's been on a feeding tube and is dreaming of a cheeseburger. I should probably go get one for dinner to show that I don't take my working jaw for granted, no? I don't want to miss any potential life lessons from this show, so a cheeseburger it is. What? I'm just being conscientious! Mark tells the guy, Jason, that he'll be eating burgers in no time after they fix him up in surgery. But Derek and Ben exchange a pointed look and ask to talk to Mark outside.

They tell Mark they don't think they should do the surgery since there are too many possible complications from them not being able to move his head -- things could go wrong with anesthesia or the surgery itself and there isn't anything they could do. But Mark doesn't want to accept this and has Avery recite why they have to do surgery today -- Jason has an abscess in his mouth which could lead to various -itises. Over Derek's protests, Mark tells him to just figure it out. "Rise," he orders. He then reminds Derek that his whole Big Thing this year has been helping lost causes, so he really should want to figure out a solution to this supposed lost cause. Ben can barely contain his amusement as again, Mark gives Derek the order to, "Rise."

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