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The Painful Truth

Alex thinks he's come up with a way to find them some real cases to study with, and that's by going to the [library/records center/reading room/I never quite figured out exactly but it's where all of the patient charts seem to live] and sneaking out with some of them to use as study aids. He's caught by the librarian/keeper of the records who tells him in no uncertain terms that he's not allowed to borrow nor photocopy the charts since they are, in fact, confidential. Alex tries to gain her sympathy, telling her he has to study for his Boards, but it's a role he's not used to playing and his Bambi-eyes face actually looks more like a grimace. She is unmoved and tells him he's allowed to read all he likes, but the only way the info leaves the room is in his brain. This actually gives him a little idea in that brain of his. He searches Lexie and asks her if she's busy -- she's all excited, thinking she might be able to assist on a surgery of his later, but he really just wants to find out how her photographic memory works.

That established, he and April sit her down in the library with two giant stacks of files in front of them. She is aghast to see just how much stuff they want her to memorize but they whine that they need someone to quiz them on real cases. When Lexie points out that she has actual work to do April very sweetly threatens that next year, when they are attendings, they will be assigning surgeries and making recommendations for Chief Resident, and Lexie wouldn't want to get off on the wrong foot, would she? Suitably intimidated, Lexie tentatively sits down and April goes back to her normal squeaky giddiness that they will be studying together. Well, "together."

Bailey finds Ben and pouts that he's going to get to watch the game since she's going to be at ladies' night, but as it turns out, he wasn't planning on watching the game -- with them both home at the same time for the first time in two weeks, and Tuck at his dad's house, he had a very different idea of how their evening was going to go. Bailey is kind of slow on the uptake and so he tells her that while he can't say what he had in mind as it's inappropriate in the workplace (seriously, when did that ever stop anyone at this hospital?) he's going to just think it. He gives her a sexy smirk and a raised eyebrow, and she gets a dreamy look on her face and begins to giggle and ooh and aah. After a few moments of telepathic hanky-panky, she declares that she's getting out of ladies' night.

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