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The Painful Truth

Speaking of Mark, he tells Arizona that he can't take Sofia that night since he doesn't know how long he'll have to stay at work. She whines because they wanted to go out for ladies' night and Mark has a predictably pervy reaction to the idea that they are taking Teddy to a girl bar. He reminds Arizona that she actually still owes him for Valentine's Day, anyway, and she realizes she's beaten and leaves. As she goes, April walks by and Mark calls her over to ask how long it takes to do an appendectomy. She thinks this is a trick question and starts to go over all the possible complications but he tells her he just wants to know on average. This is because he sees that Bailey and Mere have blocked off eight hours for this supposed procedure. April tries to lie but she's very bad at it and she finally whines that Webber was Chief for a very long time...

He then sprints into their OR where he of course sees them prepping Louis for surgery. Poor yellow Louis is still awake so he witnesses Mark hollering at them not to touch the patient. He's still deadly serious about his Chief duties and orders them, as Chief, to send Louis back to his room and put him back on the transplant list. Louis turns to them and tells Mere he said this would never work.

Mark then Marches into Richard's OR to confront him about what happened but as he does, Richard holds up something that looks like a large jawbreaker and declares that it's a benign tumor, he'd bet his job on it. Mark just yells at him about how they are compromised donor organs, so Richard has to impart some old-timer Chief knowledge to him. He tells Mark that while he might make a great Chief one day, right now he's in plastics which means that he's a perfectionist who wants everything to be perfectly by the rules so that it's pretty. Richard, on the other hand, just needs to figure out what will work for his patient and in this case, it's taking out the tumor and the plopping the liver and other organs inside his own patient because while it's not pretty, it will keep Louis alive. "Stand down, Chief Sloan." Mark thinks a moment, and then turns and leaves.

Owen is desperate, begging Cristina to open the door or to at least tell him if she's okay. She's unmoved, basically numb on the other side of the door and doesn't answer even when he asks for confirmation that she's not hurting herself. Finally, he threatens that if she doesn't answer him, he'll knock the door down and on the other side she rolls her teary eyes. He keeps telling her he's about to break the door down and starts to slowly count; on the count of three he runs at the door just as she finally opens it and he comes crashing down on the floor by the tub. This seems to give her the release she needed and she actually giggles. Tentatively, he does too as he admits that he must have looked lame, but his smile soon fades as she begins to laugh harder and crazier. He tries to calm her down but she only laughs harder and then announces that she's got both an MD and a PhD, she's a brilliant cardiothoracic surgeon and is supposed to be studying for her boards, but now she's locked in a bathroom crying over a boy. He's hit pretty hard by this and doesn't smile back at her, which seems to finally bring her back down. She takes a deep breath, and they just sit there in the bathroom, not speaking, pretty much in the exact opposite scenario from the last time they were similarly situated on the tiles.

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