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Derek and Mark are working away and Derek calls for something that Mark already had on hand. Like a spiteful 13-year-old girl, he snips that he might be untrustworthy but he's not unprepared. Derek says that he never called Mark that, but Mark counters that he put a wall up around Lexie. Derek reminds him that Mere asked him to do that and so Mark should have obeyed, since that's what you do when someone you love asks you to do something. These two are so boring. Basically, Derek brings up Addison again, Mark gets pissed that Derek only has that one argument and won't ever stop bringing it up, and Derek snipes that he's not going to apologize after all. Mercifully their bickering is interrupted by a bleeder, and so they momentarily have to focus on Gates. They go back to arguing and Mark says he gives up, that Derek will only ever see him as the charity case his family took in. If he were in any position to flounce away, he would. He then announces he got the bleeder, which takes Derek totally by surprise.

A much less peppy Izzie is having her meds adjusted by a guy who looks and sounds like Tyler, but when she asks if he knows Dr. Grey and he says no so I think that can't be him. He asks if she wants to have someone paged but Izzie declines and when he leaves the room, he knocks a dress to the floor. Izzie starts to say something but changes her mind and instead climbs slowly out of bed. See, she's both a completely selfish bitch AND a martyr! She leans over to pick up the dress and we then see the room from her point of view as she falls to the floor and passes out, her alarms finally all going off for real.

George is proving himself to be a totally badass surgeon, and Hunt takes note, complimenting him on his ability to think ten steps ahead and to get calmer as the situation gets worse, which is something that is wired rather than learned. He asks if George has chosen his specialty and when he says no, Hunt announces that it is trauma. George mulls this over while he continues to work, and I mull over how nice it is to see George have an actual storyline and be more than a pathetic punching bag. Too bad it's only so that they can send him off at the end of the season.

The Chief is trying to contain his amusement at the scene in front of him: the father of one of his surgeons trying to get his daughter transferred to a hospital in Miami. Mr. Torres smoothly offers that he knows Richard has invested his time in Callie and so he'll donate whatever sum will make up for that. The Chief tries not to laugh as he points out that Callie is a grown woman, and a not-amused Torres asks him if he has kids. He then lectures Richard about how if he had a daughter, he'd know that her being grown means nothing, because she will always be a little girl that needs protecting, even from herself. Still talking hypothetically, he basically says he knows Callie thinks he doesn't love her but this is the opposite, and he's fighting for her. He's a man clearly used to only ever getting his way, and not used to his life detouring off of a carefully planned path, both for himself and his family.

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