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Owen is back on Dr. Amy's sofa. (Not like that, you dirty things!) He tells the doc that he jumped in front of Cristina's car while she was driving to the bank. He knew he wasn't good for her or anyone else, "And I wrecked her. And that is unforgivable." He can't forgive himself, and he finally pinpoints his feelings as shame. Dr. Amy tells him that it's good, it's a start, and Hunt incredulously demands to know how. Dr. Amy calmy tells him, "You named it. The feeling. You have to know what it is before you can start to navigate somewhere better." The amount of awesome in the room is off the charts with these two actors, and I can't wait to see more scenes. So I guess that's my wishlist: More Callie/Arizona and Dr. Amy/Hunt and as little Izzie as we can get away with. (Preferably none, but I can't be too greedy.)

Derek and Mark are talking to Mrs. Gates, and Mark assures her that Gates is in pain but he's fine. She thanks them both but Derek finally mans up, and tells her to thank Sloan since not many people could have handled the bleed, and Mark consequently saved Gates' life. She then goes to see her husband, and an absolutely delighted Mark points out that this is the first compliment Derek has ever paid him. That is one sad 20-year best friendship right there, if that's the case. Derek tells him it's not a compliment, it's fact, so Mark asks why Derek can't ever just give someone a compliment and leave it. Derek won't let it go, and says that if you have to ask for it, it's not a compliment, and is Mark asking? He's got less of an edge to his voice, though, and a giddy Mark answers, "Yes!" Thank the lord we are done with all this nonsense!

Bailey pops in to ask Arizona if she needs anything else and with bright eyes Arizona says no. She hopefully asks if Bailey wants to sit for a while but Bailey is done sitting and counters that if she had wanted to hold a child all day she would have stayed at home and held her own. She thinks she didn't do a single medical thing all day. Arizona gently asks if she's going to tell Tucker and Bailey is left at an uncharacteristic loss for words, and asks sadly what she would tell him? Arizona tells her that pediatrics is more than just cutting, and what Bailey did was heroic. "And you know it." Bailey still seems mildly terrified but with a hint of her strong self in her voice announces, "Maybe I'll tell him that." I am going to be so upset if this story goes where I fear it is going -- down the Shonda Rhimes Road of Broken Relationships: Because No One Can Really Be Happy!

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